Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Selling of Oranges?

The November 1957 Disneylander has a story on Earl Shelton, who played a big role in managing "The Site" of Disneyland. In addition to being the earliest mention I've ever seen of the color blind tree cutter, the article mentions some of his jobs, "including the marketing of the oranges on our properties." That's something I never gave a thought to, even seeing early photos with a large number of orange trees. Has anybody heard this before? Was there a stand somewhere on Disneyland property (not in the Park, I imagine)?


Matterhorn1959 said...

On Main Street was the Sunny View Fresh Farms store which sold fruit and nuts. Maybe Mr. Shelton was involved in that enterprise?

Jason Schultz said...

Matterhorn - That's an interesting suggestion. Based on the fact that the store was run by Sunny View Farms, Inc. rather than Disneyland, Inc., I don't know how "involved" Shelton might have been -- but maybe they were buying Disneyland's oranges!