Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mickey at the Walt Disney Story

As I mentioned, I spent more than my fair share of time at the Walt Disney Story. It was often (always?) slow; this meant that sometimes walk-around characters would come in for a bit of a break from the crowds. This particular photograph was taken one quiet Sunday morning and is one of my favorites that I have taken. It shows a solitary Mickey (really, just me and the Mick in the Opera House!) watching footage of Disneyland Park's construction. You can read a lot into this... I particularly like the emptiness of the place.

I also have a bit of a repost. The more I looked at the photo of Town Square from Walt's Apartment, the more I wanted the faraway Cast Member removed. So I did that. Now remove Space Mountain and the Old Admin Building, change the pavers back to slurry, repaint some of the buildings, cut back the trees, change the trash cans and... voila! Walt's Town Square.


Anonymous said...

The picture of Mickey was very touching. Kind of gave me the feeling that Mick was reliving some of the early years and sort of missed Walt. Guess a lot of us do.

mistryl said...

That picture of Mickey is really neat.

Haha and that stupid sun needs to stop rising in the east so that there'd be less glare in the Town Square photo. I guess the window didn't help much, but there's not much you can do about that either. There's still something special about an empty park, whether it was closing or opening. Heh, I avoided the early shifts as much as possible, but I was always glad I was there with so few people around once I actually got there.

Swisskapolka said...

Before I worked at the Park, I would plan the end of my visit in Toon Town (or as far back as I could get before Toon Town's existence)as close to closing as possible. Then I would wait until I was physically herded out and then meander as slowly as possible around to Big Thunder Trail and over to Frontierland and past Big Thunder and the "jumping fish" then back around to Carnation and the Castle for that long walk down Main Street for one last look. If I was lucky, it was to the tune of "When You Wish Upon a Star".