Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thesaurus Statistics: November 18, 2008

As part of a continuing series (see my first post on this from July), I present an updated table of thesaurus statistics:

The explanations again, with slight modification:
  • Total number of terms: Every term in the thesaurus (obviously). This includes 20,809 dates (e.g., 2008-07-27). Since these have relationships and notes just like other terms, I have no problem including them in the count.
  • Non-postable terms: These are what is known as the lead-in vocabulary. Disneyland Omnibus would lead one to the postable term Omnibus.
  • Top terms: A key part of the thesaurus is the hierarchy, and this is the number of terms at the top. Now, with the structure I'm using it shouldn't be as high as it is. I'd like to have only 10-15 top terms. A large number of the top terms, then, are terms I've picked up while going through sources that I still need to fit into the conceptual structure.
  • Orphan terms: These are a subset of the top terms that don't have relations to other terms. This number should be 0.
  • Subject categories: This is another means of classification outside of the hierarchy. For instance, for people and organizations in the thesaurus I have a "Role" classification. The Roles include Atmosphere Talent, Cast Member, lessee personnel, and Retlaw personnel.
  • Hierarchical relationships: Hierarchy is used for structure and to facilitate searching. Fantasy on Parade has broader terms events, promotions, and programs by names (a term which then functions something like an authority list) and parades.
  • Equivalence relationships: The Omnibus example above is an equivalent relationship--where I've defined that one term can be used for two terms. This needn't be confined to nomenclature issues. If I wanted lower specificity, I could have Omnibus (along with Fire Engine, Horseless Carriage (Red), etc.) point to Main Street Vehicles. But with this project I've been much more inclined to address distinctions than to lump things together.
  • Associative relationships: These types of relations call attention to other terms that might be of interest. In the Library of Congress Subject Headings, these are just RT--related terms. While I do denote some relations this way, I've also defined a fair number of more specific relationships. For example, Dominguez, Ron PFMD [performed as/in] Davy Crockett (walk-around character). Fantasia Gardens PRED [had predecessor] Motor Boat Cruise. (In time I might get more specific and create a Motor Boat Cruise Dock term.)
As you can see from the numbers, I've been quite busy over the past few months!

Happy Birthday, Mickey

You may recall my sort-of indignation that Disney did not always celebrate Mickey's birthday on November 18 in my "1970 Disneyland Doesn't Know Disney History" post. Like there are arguments for celebrating Disneyland's birthday on July 17th or 18th, there are a number of criteria one could use to say one date should be used over another. Below are my two personal stakes in celebrating Mickey's birthday on November 18.

The first is a little souvenir I was given way back:

This heavy canvas bag was apparently produced for a small birthday cavalcade given for Mickey on that day. As I attended school that day, I do not know any of the details--how many there were, how they were used, etc. I think it was meant to be a mailbag, filled with letters or birthday greetings to The Mouse. (I can tell you that it's now used to store my towels before laundry day.) If anybody has any information, I'd love to have it--and would definitely love to see photographs of it in use!

The other stake I have in November 18th is that it was also my hire date at Disneyland. Now, while I'm far more interested in the Disney parks and Disneyland than I am in Disney more generally, I am happy that my hire date fell on a noteworthy date. Some of my co-workers would later ask me if I had planned that, but I had no hand in it. It just happened to fall on the Saturday on which I had my Orientation! This opening date for the Disneyland chapter of my work life helped me to hold out for my final date of July 17, 2003, despite the fact that I was ready to leave several weeks earlier.

Today also marks the 15th anniversary of the dedication of the Partners Statue in the Central Plaza, seen here in May 2000:

Unrelated to November 18, I know I'm woefully behind with my promised Circle-Vision follow-up. I'm completing the graduate school experience, so posts will continue to be infrequent for a little while. But know that I am still working on the thesaurus behind the scenes, for your future enjoyment.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Season 1955

The photo is dated January 1956 and must be from the Park's first holiday season, which lasted from November 24, 1955 through January 8, 1956. (Don't get me started on Disneyland's nomenclature for the holiday periods through the years!)