Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Walk in the Park: Day Five

We've finally arrived at the Central Plaza! I'm glad we're here, because this is one of my favorite areas of Disneyland.

If I could have worked all my shifts at the Information Board, I certainly would have!

What can one say?

There are often service vehicles on Main Street when the Park is closed; I'm happy to have avoided that here.

Kevin Yee liked this second photo enough to use it on the cover of the preview edition of Mouse Trap.

Well, the Park's going to open soon, so what better place to leave you? If you move off quietly, you may be able to avoid attracting Security's attention. So go off to explore your favorite corner of Disneyland before Guests arrive, but remember--I never saw you!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Walk in the Park: Part Four

We'll stick with some more shots of Sleeping Beauty Castle today...

This coin press machine always bothered me, looking as cheap as it does in comparison to the Castle. Somebody please tell me it's gone?

I could look at Guestless photographs like this all day long!

I thought this was a pretty nice picture--and still do--but after repeated viewings I discovered there was something not quite right about it...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Walk in the Park: Day Three

A repost from last week, now presented in its proper context. I agree with the commenters that this is a pretty magical spot, and totally blocks out the outside world.

I'm of the personal opinion that Fantasyland would be improved with some sort of Carrousel; what do you guys think? They could put it behind that circular wall!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Walk in the Park: Day Two

I think I'd enjoy Fantasyland a lot more if it were always this wide open! Unfortunately, it's often a sea of humanity.

Note the cleaning taking place!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Space Mountain Is Open

As a companion to Outside the Berm's July 25 post, here is the cover of the May 26, 1977 Disneyland Line:

Thesaurus Statistics

This probably requires a small bit of explanation...
  • Total number of terms: Every term in the thesaurus (obviously). This includes 20,432 dates (e.g., 2008-07-27). Since these have relationships and notes just like other terms, I have no problem including them in the count.
  • Non-postable terms: These are what is known as the lead-in vocabulary. Disneyland Omnibus would lead one to the postable term Omnibus.
  • Top terms: A key part of the thesaurus is the hierarchy, and this is the number of terms at the top. Now, with the structure I'm using it shouldn't be as high as it is. I'd like to have only 10-15 top terms. A large number of the top terms, then, are terms I've picked up while going through sources that I still need to fit into the conceptual structure.
  • Orphan terms: These are a subset of the top terms that don't have relations to other terms. This number should be 0.
  • Subject categories: This is another means of classification outside of the hierarchy. For instance, for people and organizations in the thesaurus I have a "Role" classification. The Roles include Atmosphere Talent, Cast Member, lessee personnel, and Retlaw personnel.
  • Hierarchical relationships: Hierarchy is used for structure and to facilitate searching. Fantasy on Parade has broader terms events, promotions, and programs by names (a term which then functions something like an authority list) and parades.
  • Equivalence relationships: The Omnibus example above is an equivalent relationship--where I've defined that one term can be used for two terms. This needn't be confined to nomenclature issues. If I wanted lower specificity, I could have Omnibus (along with Fire Engine, Horseless Carriage (Red), etc.) point to Main Street Vehicles. But with this project I've been much more inclined to address distinctions than to lump things together.
  • Associative relationships: These types of relations call attention to other terms that might be of interest. In the Library of Congress Subject Headings, these are just RT--related terms. While I do denote some relations this way, I've also defined a fair number of more specific relationships. For example, Dominguez, Ron PFMD [performed as/in] Davy Crockett (walk-around character). Fantasia Gardens PRED [had predecessor] Motor Boat Cruise. (In time I might get more specific and create a Motor Boat Cruise Dock term.)

A Walk in the Park: Day One

For the next several days we'll be taking a leisurely stroll through pre-opening Disneyland--and I do mean leisurely! It's going to take us five days to get from the parade gate next to "it's a small world" down to the Central Plaza (though the actual walk only took me seven minutes). Alas, I do not have dozens of pictures to show, but they should provide a different look at the Park to those of you who have never been Cast Members. The photos were all taken on September 3, 2002.

We're not getting too far out of the gate today...

"it's a small world" is here under renovation, as the Park undid the Disneyland Paris-induced changes from the early 1990s. Not only did they restore the white facade, but also reverted to using the original music tracks recorded for the New York World's Fair. The music had been replaced with the John Debney-scored tracks recorded for Disneyland Paris, because the quality of the mono mixes--used at Disneyland since 1966--didn't measure up. Work on a never-released box set of New York World's Fair music unearthed the original recordings, permitting their return to Disneyland.

It looks like it's going to be a warm day--the sun's already beating down well before any Guests have arrived! I just checked, and it did get up to about 90 degrees that day.

You can see that off-season work has started, with the Matterhorn Bobsleds closed for refurbishment.

Tomorrow we venture off the parade route to enter the heart of Fantasyland!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

George W. Smith's Cause of Death?

In my post on Disneyland-related obituaries, I wrote that George W. Smith, a 40-year-old foreman, died July 4, 1955. The obituary did not list a cause of death, which made me curious about how he passed on. I just found a reliable source that says during construction a construction man fell off a roof. But the source didn't go into more details about the date, name, or other circumstances, so I can't say for sure that it's a match.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Backside of Sleeping Beauty Castle

I waited around for Walt to show up, but I didn't have much luck...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Research Update

Generally, you can assume that a lack of posts means that I'm engaged in work on the Disneyland Compendium. (Well, that or my master's thesis--it doesn't appear to be writing itself!) The past couple of weeks I have focused on publications: Disneyland Line, Disneyland Holiday-Vacationland, Disney News-Disney Magazine, Backstage Disneyland, Disneylander, Cast Member Reference Guides, guidemaps and souvenir guidebooks, mainly. I've created a spreadsheet to track what I have immediately available to me (either a hard copy or a digital original or surrogate) and feel I now have a much better grasp of that. I still don't completely know what I'm missing because lists of these publications mostly don't exist! This work doesn't include the thousands and thousands of newspaper articles and advertisements, either. (Yes, I realize it's a bit... obsessive.)

I have a hair under 800 Disneyland Lines now (thanks to Kevin Yee sending me a couple hundred in the mail last week). From about twenty issues I've pulled out information for more than a thousand terms! There are some excellent articles in the Line about how the Park works, and I'm very excited to sift through it all.

Kevin and I still plan to have the first part of the Compendium available in about two years. Right now I'm thinking that might just be a print encyclopedia, but we haven't ruled anything out. Heck, we won't even be doing any writing for at least another year. I'll still be spending untold hours collecting the documents, making contacts, and building the thesaurus. If I disappear for brief spells, you can just think of the time you would have spent reading the blog as deferred to the publication!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fred Burri, Disneyland Yodeler

It's yodeling day here at Disneyland Nomenclature. I am quite a fan of yodeling, perhaps because it's tied to two places that I love--the Alps and the American West. Cowboy songs often feature yodeling; in Disneyland's Frontierland, you can hear a bit of this in the "Pecos Bill" recording done by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers. Of course, you can also find recordings of yodeling in the Matterhorn Bobsleds queue and at the Village Haus restaurant. But in the golden days of yore, you used to be able to hear live yodeling at Disneyland!

When Walt brought the Matterhorn to Disneyland, he brought in some other elements to lend authenticity to the experience. There were the well-known mountain climbers (and the Sierra Club members, first to scale the mountain for its televised debut), the Tyrolean Band, and... Disneyland's very own yodeler, Fred Burri, who uniquely entertanied Guests for about eighteen years.

I don't have too much to say about him right now. I found a blog post about Fred that mentions an album he recorded: Fred Burri, Disneyland Yodler with Alphorn and Swiss-Accordion, Swiss Folkmusic and Yodeling. It wasn't recorded at or by Disneyland, but if anybody has a copy, I'd love to listen!

Also, you'll really have to forgive my tardiness in passing this information along (I've had this post as a draft for about a month!), but Fred is performing this week in Portland, Oregon, at the Swissfest 2008. If you're in the area, that starts tomorrow!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

1,000+ Disneyland Cast Members and Lessee Personnel

I present you today with a list. Well, two lists. One aspect of the thesaurus of the Compendium project is gathering information on the people who have worked at the Park, either employed directly by Disney or working for a lessee (especially in the early days). The lists below are far from comprehensive or even systematic, but merely represent what I've gleaned from the sources I've examined so far. For almost all of these I have more information than just a name--often at least a department or work location. Some of the Cast Members originally worked as lessee personnel, and undoubtedly in greater numbers than these lists indicate. But, one has to start somewhere! I'll start with the lessee personnel, since that's the shorter list. Below that you can find my hopelessly partial list of Disneyland Cast Members. The following lists do not include personnel who worked for Retlaw, the Disneyland Hotel under the Wrather Corporation, or contractor personnel.

Lessee Personnel
Allen, W. E.
Amendt, Alma
Amendt, Fran
Amendt, Joe
Amendt, Ray
Arzrouni, Jerry
Austin, Leo
Bagley, Bud
Cahill, Jeannine
Case, Helen
Cook, Helen
Crabtree, Don
Crouse, Clyde
Curran, Lou
Decker, Bette
DeFore, Verne
Dills, Carl
Dolly, Betty
Ekstein, Fred
Fauntz, Rose
Gallant, Norma
Gardner, Joe
Goodwin, Eloise
Grundy, Cliff
Hammel, Claire
Hanson, Vera
Harvey, Phil
Hatcher, Don
Hobbs, Inez
Holmes, Marge
Jenkins, Walt
Johnson, Carmen
Johnson, Harvey
Kelly, Bob
Komara, Ray
Kurz, Jimmy
Lane, Bill
Long, Bill
Long, Dwight
Mark, Mary
Markey, Nemo
Miller, Jean
Mowry, Don
Mulder, Al
Norris, Walt
Odom, Travis
Palmer, Keith
Papel, Phil
Patterson, C. V.
Perry, Chuck
Phillips, Mel
Pinger, Mary
Purcell, Carolyn
Purdy, Bonnie
Richardson, Bob
Rochelle, Donna
Scheid, Tommy
Smith, Paul
Wager, Bertha
Wagman, Leo
Westering, Myrt
Williams, Dick
Zueger, Mildred

Cast Members
Aasen, Norm
Abbott, Chuck
Acosta, Amador
Acuff, Jack
Acuff, Lee
Adams, Ralph
Addis, John
Aguilar, Gil
Aikely, Mike
Albright, Milt
Alegre, Pat
Alevizos, Roger
Alexander, Charles
Alford, A. Howell
Allen, Bob
Allen, Chris
Alvarado, Alfonso
Alvarez, Al
Amemiya, Hideo
Anderson, Bernice
Anderson, Dan
Anderson, Earl
Anderson, Skip
Anderson, Sonny
Anderson, Walter
Angerbauer, Ray
Angleton, Garland
Aquino, Gerry
Ara, Leo
Aramaki, Hideo 'Indian'
Archer, Earl
Armstrong, Jim
Arpke, 'Cass'
Atkins, Judy
Avarbach, Ron
Averett, Cathy
Backhaus, Terri
Bader, Robert
Baeza, Leroy
Baker, Bryant
Baker, Daina
Baker, Jim
Baker, Rich
Baldwin, Mona
Ballentine, Ralph
Bandy, Winn
Bardeau, ReniƩ
Barnes, Chris
Barnes, Tom
Barngrover, Jim
Barr, Barbara
Barrilleauz, Bonnie
Bartchard, Dave
Bartner, Art
Basham, Jeanne
Bassett, Addaline
Bates, Gerald
Bauer, Paul
Bauer, Phil
Baxter, George
Baxter, Tony
Beale, Martha
Beaver, Bobbie
Bedes, Dick
Belanger, Joyce
Bell, Betty
Bell, George
Belmonte, Linda
Benjamin, Carol
Beral, Charles
Bernard, Alice
Bernstein, Sharon
Bero, Alex
Berry, Jo Anne
Bertagna, Bill
Bescos, Shari
Billings, Bill
Billingslea, Bob
Birk, Cathy
Bixler, Dallas
Blackburn, Cap
Blackburn, William
Blair, Marianne
Blank, Carla
Block, Howard
Boag, Wally
Boehlke, Ruth
Boisseau, Doyle
Boltuch, Herb
Boyajian, Charles
Brandle, Al
Brashier, Joanne
Brashier, Natalie
Bratten, Coral
Bray, Barbara
Brehm, Roy
Bright, Randy
Brinkmeyer, Imogene
Brock, Charley
Brooks, Patsy
Brooks, Ruth
Brown, Ed
Brown, Farris
Brown, Jack
Brown, John
Brown, Mina
Browne, Ronald G.
Brubaker, Roberta
Bruce, Bob
Bruce, Rima
Buche, Rick
Bunner, Tim
Burley, Fulton
Burmester, Dan
Burner, Dale
Burns, Lillian
Burns, Robert H.
Burson, Gary
Byrne, Wilbur
Cahill, Lon
Cain, Dave
Campbell, Calvin
Canell, Pam
Caracausa, Marion
Carbonnel, Bob
Cardwell, Bill
Carnegie, Edgar
Carpenter, Richard
Carrasco, Oscar
Casados, Gil
Casey, Virl
Cashen, Jim
Casper, Paul
Castillo, Vincente
Castle, Paul
Cathrer, Gail
Catone, John
Champion, Janet
Chapman, Art
Chavana, Chuck
Chavarris, Rudy
Chief Shooting Star
Chilcott, Mary
Child, Tom
Choate, Bob
Chots, Bob
Christensen, James
Christopher, Chris
Ciesluk, Broney
Cisneros, Edward
Clark, Peter
Clark, Richard
Clarke, Blair
Claudet, Pat
Clausen, Judy
Clemente, Lynn
Cody, Jerry
Coffman, Neva
Coleman, Ellen
Coleman, Walter
Collins, Candy
Cone, Chuck
Conger, Sue
Conley, Renie
Conner, Lajuana
Connolly, Maureen
Conte, Dominic
Conti, James
Contreras, Bob
Contreras, Manuel
Conway, Albert 'Ed'
Conway, Ray
Coon, Jackie
Cooper, Bill
Cooper, Martin M.
Cora, Jim
Corcoran, John
Cotner, Jessie
Cottom, Lucy
Coulson, Rodney ('Bud')
Cox, Rita
Craig, Roger
Crame, Peggy
Crawford, Gary
Crawford, Joanne
Cribbes, Scotty
Crimmings, Pete
Crooks, Dick
Crosby, Don
Crowe, Arthur
Cruise, Leonard
Culbertson, Shirley
Curran, Lou
Cyr, Johnny St.
Daily, Jody
Dains, Hank
Dale, Ann
Dalesandro, Mary
Dalton, Juama
D'Amore, Mario
D'Amore, Morio
Daniels, Chris
D'Arcy, Jim
David, Leland Ellis
Davila, Pat
Davis, Adell
Davis, Allan
Davis, Kay
Davis, Marvin
Davis, Mike
Dayus, Carol
Dayus, Jill
Deeley, Denis
Degelmann, Thor
DeKeyser, Carol
Deleese, Tony
Delehoy, Bonnie
DeLeon, Rachel
Delphin, Joe
DeMarco, Gina
Demmons, Wes
Denny, Charles
Derby, Dick
Derkowski, Joe
Dew, John
Diamond, Joe
Diaz, Boyd
Diaz, Joe
Diaz, Joseph
Dickson, Marva
Dixon, James
Dodge, Bob
Doerges, Norm
Dolan, John
Dolen, John
Dombroske, Leona
Dominguez, Ron
Donald, Susan
Doyle, Diann K.
Doyle, Kay
Doyle, Ron
Dragon, Art
Drummond, Hubert
Drury, Bonnie
Duffy, Fred
DuMars, Charlene
Dunham, Jim
Dunstan, Murin
Dupee, Ruby
Durham, David
Eason, Jimmie
Ebeling, Matt
Eck, Bob
Ecklund, Stan
Edwards, Roger
Ehrman, Mason L.
Elder, Fred
Elgin, Harley
Emmer, Greg
Englert, Nancy
English, Cornell
Eno, Dorothy
Entwistle, Harold
Erangey, James
Erickson, Bob
Esquival, Antonio
Ettinger, Ed
Evans, Dick
Evans, Morgan ('Bill')
Fardin, Hugo
Farris, Peggy
Faust, Jennifer
Fesler, Betty
Fields, Dana
Fields, Mareta
Filtz, Henry
Finch, Larry
Fister, Ann
Flymen, Bernie
Foland, Dennis
Ford, Les
Forsyth, Frank
Fowler, Joseph ('Joe')
France, Van Arsdale
Francuz, Louis
Franks, Carl
Freeberg, Carl
Freeland, Wendy
Freese, Stanford
Fregoso, Arthur
Fults, Pamela
Gagnon, Jeanne
Gaines, Cecil
Galentine, Dick
Gallegly, Oren
Gander, Gail
Garcia, Heri
Garcia, Richard
Garter, Harold
Gault, Bob
Gayle, Warren
George, Jimmy
Gerlack, John
Gibson, Cecil
Gibson, Hoot
Gibson, Marie
Giron, Ralph
Givens, James
Goldstab, Alex
Gomez, Stan
Gonzales, Frank
Good, Joanne
Goodman, Doreen
Gottfried, Bob
Gourn, Christy
Gray, Anita
Gray, John
Greenwood, Loren
Grier, Ed
Griffin, Robert
Grijalva, Albert
Grills, Al
Grinstead, Dennis
Grisso, Ginny
Grizanti, Raul
Gruber, Bill
Guder, Vic
Gutierrez, Jorge O.
Gutsch, Denise
Guzman, Bill
Hackney, Paul
Hagan, Al
Halfacre, Walter
Hammel, Pat
Hanna, Bob
Hannaford, Charles
Hansen, Frank
Hansen, Susan
Hanson, Dick
Hanson, Terri
Hare, Garry
Harman, Jim
Harner, Angie
Harper, Earl
Harper, Ruth
Harris, Timi
Harrison, Terri
Harriss, Cynthia
Hartmann, Brenda
Hauenstein, David
Hauenstein, William
Hauerwaas, V. A.
Haught, Jim
Hayden, John B.
Hayes, Maurice
Healey, Bruce
Hebner, Sally
Heidemann, Bill
Heidemann, Frank
Heileson, Reed
Hemsley, Barbara
Henderson, Nancy
Hennessey, John
Hensley, Deriss
Hernandez, John
Heupel, Evelyn
Hickman, Barbara
Higgins, Clarice
Hill, Clint
Hinkle, Sharon
Hodgin, Dewey
Hoelscher, Billie
Hoelscher, Holly
Holiway, Virginia
Holland, Homer
Holliday, Helen
Holmes, Marge
Holmes, Sharon
Holzwarth, Charles
Homeres, Richard
Host, Cara
Houck, Jeanie
Hougardy, Marie
Howell, Kendra
Howsley, Robert
Hoxie, Bob
Hoyt, Bob
Huckins, Phyllis
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Rawleigh
Huguenin, Carley
Huguenin, Dean
Hulen, Clarence
Husson, George
Hutchins, Merle
Hutchinson, Larry
Hyman, Milt
Ireland, Mike
Irving, Ralph
Iwasyk, Mykola
Jackson, Earl
Jacobson, Eric
James, Sandi
Jani, Robert F.
Jeffers, Charles
Johnson, Bob
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Cheryl
Johnson, Johnie
Johnson, Lavonne
Johnson, Wendy
Jones, Len
Juban, Bernie
Kaminski, Jean
Karam, Martha
Kauffman, Linda
Kay, Alan
Kean, Delbert
Kearns, Thomas
Keeton, Chester
Kemeny, Marvin
Kempf, Derry
Kenney, Lt.
Kent, Ralph
Kerr, Jean
Kibler, Dave
Kidney, Kevin
Killeen, Diane
Kimbell, Pat
Kimbrell, Bruce
Kinder, Lynn
King, Mary Jane
King, Matt
Kirk, Gary
Klein, Marty
Klein, Sherry
Kline, Tiny
Knutti, George
Koch, Dave
Koehler, Fred
Kohler, Ken
Kollen, Ron
Komara, Ray
Korgol, Alex
Krane, Mary Ann
Krauss, Jack
La Fortune, Stan
Lagan, Barbara
Landier, George
Landry, Rory
Langford, Mike
LaRue, Lois
Laws, William
Layne, Barbara
Le Febvre, George
Lechuga, Greg, Jr.
Lee Sargent, Cora
Lemmon, Doc
Lescault, Raellen
Lewelling, Jane
Lewis, Alyene
Lewis, Tom
Lindberg, Arnold
Lindquist, Jack
Lindsay, Ruby
Lippe, Ralph
Lipps, Morris
Lister, Mollie
Little Arrow
Little Sky, Eddie
Locke, Bill
Locke, Marie
Long, Bob
Long, Carolyn
Long, Clarence
Long, Leo
Long, Phyllis
Lorenz, Mike
Luckett, Susie
Luhmann, Rose Marie
Lunsford, Earlene
Lunsford, John
Luthin, Charles
Lyles, Mig
Mackey, Ann
Mackie, Ed
Macy, Mike
Madrid, Lupe
Mae, Jerry
Magill, Donald
Maier, Ruth
Maines, Michael
Malson, Ray
Manes, Dorothy
Mang, Mary Anne
Mangrum, Lettie
Manning, Carolee
Manson, Mike
Marotta, Violet
Marquez, David
Marsh, Judy
Martin, Jack
Martin, Stacia
Martines, Frank
Martinez, Oscar
Martinez, Ray
Marvel, Roger
Marx, Mike
Masella, Angelo
Mason, Harry
Masseth, Roy
Massoth, Bertha E.
Matheison, Bob
Matthews, Toby
Maxwell, Clara
Maxwell, Ernest
May, Jack
Mayen, Gilbert
Mazey, Betty
McCalley, John
McClease, Jack
McClease, Pat
McCollum, Joan
McCune, Roy
McDonald, Bob
McGeorge, Christina
McGrath, Tom
McGraw, Demsey
McHugh, Raymond
McIntyre, Doug
McJunkin, Clyde
McKibben, Mabel
McKinley, Bob
McLane, Barbara
McMasters, Travis
McMurtrey, Cal
McNell, Frank
Meck, Ed
Medearis, Colleen
Meister, Ben
Mendez, Al
Mercado, Alfredo
Merrfeld, Rod
Merritt, Chris
Metzer, Kirby
Meyer, Erma
Milam, Cathie
Milano, Dick
Milek, Bob
Miller, Betty
Miller, George
Miller, Joanne
Miller, John
Miller, Lulu
Miller, Ray
Miller, Rod
Mills, Bob
Mills, George
Mills, Larry
Miner, Marcia
Minick, Bob
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, Tom
Mitter, Dorrell
Mitts, Kathleen
Miwa, Fred
Miyamoto, Bob
Miziker, Ronald
Molhock, Peter A.
Mollot, Anita
Montano, George
Montano, Robert
Montero, Lou
Montgomery, Ben
Moore, Monette
Moore, Robert
Moreno, Lydia
Moreno, Sebastian
Morey, Seb
Morford, Gene
Morisette, Jerry
Morozo, Thomas
Morris, Becky
Morrison, Gneva
Mosley, MaryAnn
Motley, Jack
Movales, Sally
Moyer, William
Mumford, David
Muriello, Kathy
Murphy, Becky
Murphy, Jim
Murphy, Mike
Murray, Judy
Myers, Ruth
Nabbe, Tom
Narath, Arthur
Narath, Dean
Naujock, Barbara
Navarro, Lorraine
Naylor, Betty
Neal, Gay
Neenan, Jim
Newcomb, Fred
Nichols, Charles
Nickerson, Cliff
Nicolai, Phil
Niedzwiecke, Ginnie
Nielsen, Edith
Niemeyer, Al
Nischwitz, Art
Nisckwitz, Art
Nobles, Don
Nolan, John
Nordloef, Arthur
Norman, Don
Norman, Louis
Novis, Donald
Nunis, Dick
Nuno, Tony
O'Brien, Michael
O'Grattan, Michael
Oliphant, Pam
Olsen, Arthur
Olsen, Jack
Onder, Julia
Ornelas, Jill
Ornstein, Mary
Orosco, Mickey
Orren, Margaret
Orrick, Eloise
Orrick, Mike
Ortiz, Arthur C.
Otto, Gunter
Ouimet, Matt
Owen, Brady
Page, Clarence
Palmiter, Suzanne
Parenti, Joseph
Parker, Buck
Parker, Maureen
Parks, Jerry
Paskevicius, Alyja A.
Passilla, Jim
Patterson, Richard
Patton, James
Paulsen, Helen
Payne, Jack
Peacock, James
Peacock, Marion
Pearson, Vern
Pedroza, Anthony M.
Penfield, Bob
Penlick, Dean
Perez, Roland
Perkins, Gary
Perrine, Kathy
Perugini, Nick
Peterson, Donna
Peterson, Howard
Pettifer, William
Pfannenstiel, Frank
Phelps, Becky
Phelps, Bob
Pimantel, Gil
Pinkham, Al
Poemoceah, Al
Pollard, Pam
Polzin, Doug
Pope, Dollie
Pope, Owen
Poppa, Dan
Pore, Earl
Powles, Jan
Pratt, Lynn
Pratt, Wayne
Purugganan, Gina
Quaglia, Vermondo
Quigley, Jim
Radcliff, Chuck
Rainey, Milo
Ralston, Steve
Ramos, Angelina
Ranier, Tom
Rascon, Kathy
Reed, Diana
Reed, Don
Reed, Susan
Reid, Robert
Reihm, Julie
Reilly, Bob
Reilly, John
Reis, Sandy
Rendich, Nick
Restivo, Sal
Reynolds, Ruby
Richardson, Archard
Ridgway, Charlie
Rigdon, Cicely
Riley, James
Riley, Orville
Ripley, Hazel
Rivas, Andrae
Roberts, Walter
Robinson, Elana
Robles, Trinidad
Rogers, John
Roman-Osborn, Doina
Roppa, Tom
Rose, Peggy Matthews
Ross, Dean
Ross, Jerri
Ross, Tom
Rossman, Jim
Roth, L. H.
Rowe, Ron
Rowland, Georgia
Ruiz, Trinidad Garcia
Russell, Judy
Saenz, Lucille
Salazar, Francisco
Salisbury, Anne
San, Laity
San, Martin
Sayers, Jack
Scanlan, Frank
Scarnecchia, Donna
Schamp, James
Schatz, Robyn
Schawacha, Marion
Schendel, Christina
Schmidt, Johnny
Schueller, Ronnie
Schultz, Jason
Schumacher, Fred
Schwacha, Marion
Schwartz, Ray
Scott, Bonnie
Scott, E. Walter
Scott, Joan
Scott, Rose Ann
Seals, Karen
Sechi, Yuki
Sechler, Day
See, Thomas
Seeber, Betty
Session, Robert
Shafer, Sue
Shah, Mahendra
Shearer, Sam
Shelbourne, Al
Shelton, Earl
Shepard, J. J.
Sheppard, Captain
Sherbin, Sally
Sherbin, Sausha
Sherry, Russell
Sherry, Tom
Shew, Lyle
Shields, Chuck
Shilling, Del
Shlacow, Abe
Short, George
Shurian, Quinn
Siana, Stephen J.
Sidejas, Ray
Silverwood, Ed
Silverwood, Sandy
Simis, Jennifer
Simpson, Don
Simpson, Sandra Jean
Sinclair, Alex
Sins, Dee
Siordia, Stella
Siqueiros, Karlos
Siverson, Harvey
Skeen, Lyndell
Skidmore, Earl
Sklar, Marty
Slaton, Harold
Smeltzer, Lucy
Smith, Cloyd
Smith, Dick
Smith, Don
Smith, E. W.
Smith, Frank E.
Smith, Kathy
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Sue
Snyder, Sheron F.
Solis, Alex
Spangler, Gloria
Spontaneo, Merino
Sprinkel, Harry H.
Spychala, Richard
Squaires, Bobbi
Stabile, Frank
Stabile, Tom
Stafford, Georgia
Stafford, Pete
Steever, Garth
Stelnicki, Eddie
Stenger, Elizabeth
Stevens, Robert
Stevenson, John
Stewart, Bill
Stillwell, Barbara
Stockdale, Margaret
Stovall, Dick
Strand, Loretta
Stratton, Della
Stratton, Dorothy
Sullivan, Bill ('Sully')
Swan, Virginia
Swanson, Connie
Swanson, Rudolph O.
Swartz, Ron
Swenson, Maynard
Tachauer, Ed
Takada, Andrew
Tanasugam, Janet
Taylor, Betty
Taylor, Jack
Taylor, Ron
Tedesco, Camille
Teel, James
Templin, Ray
Teramura, Mineko
Teter, Bud
Thames, James
Theil, Mary
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, Jim
Thomas, Terry
Thomas, Wes
Thompson, Al
Thompson, Bob
Thompson, Charlie
Thompson, Dick
Thompson, Heather
Thum, Muriel ('Bobbie')
Tiedy, Owen
Tiradeau, Sally
Tomsen, Steve
Towers, Shirley
Tracy, Ted
Trapani, Salvatore
Triverson, Dominic
Trolla, Camille
Troutt, Olive
Troyer, Mary
True, Terry
Trumble, Yvonne
Tryon, Lawrence E.
Tryon, Michelle
Trytten, Delores
Tucci, Rocco
Tugan, Zayra
Turk, Lawson L.
Turner, Jim
Tyler, Melissa
Tyson, Jim
Underwood, Judy
Uresti, Rudi
Utter, Bill
Uyeno, Karen
Valencia, Michael
Valle, Sharon
Van De Warker, Lois
Van De Warker, Ray
Van Der Hauvel, Chuck
Van Der Zwaag, Willie
Van Thyme, Mary
Vance, Mike
Vandervort, Rev
Vaudrin, John
Vaughn, Troy
Vazquez, Jes (Naugha)
Vega, Kenneth
Vermeulen, Dave
Vilmer, Earl
Vineyard, Howie
Virginia, Tony
Volchok, Michael
Votaw, Terry
Vought, Paul
Vreenegoor, Hermina
Wagner, Jack
Waite, John
Walker, Clifford
Walker, Kay
Walker, Tommy
Walker, Vesey
Wallace, Kay
Warbonnet, Rose
Ward, James
Warren, Barbara
Warrick, James
Warrick, Robert
Washo, Bill
Washo, Bud
Watkins, Bertha
Watkins, Bill
Watson, Helen
Watson, Jack
Wattelet, Gail
Webster, Ray
Weiss, Gordon
Welch, Bob
Welch, Mel
Welty, John
Weston, Eric
Whelan, Charles
White, Benny
White, Jerry
White, Larry
Whitney, George
Williams, George
Williams, Lois
Williams, Saville L.
Williams, Susie
Wilson, Mindy
Wilson, Rose
Wimmer, Sharon
Winger, Ed
Wise, John
Wise, Wilbur
Witteveen, Anna
Wolf, Scott
Wolf, Shani
Wong, Betty
Wood, C. V., Jr.
Wood, Evelyn
Woodard, James
Woods, Lisa
Woods, Steve
Woodsworth, Woody
Woodworth, Truman
Woody, Betty
Wray, Sally
Wright, Jan
Wright, Lt.
Wright, Wilber
Wrigley, Dorothy
Wuestneck, Earl
Wyatt, Wayne
Yanda, Ray
Yarber, John
Yeager, Richard
Yeakley, Ron
Yeargin, Paul
Yee, Al
Yee, Kevin
Yotter, William
Young, Dave
Young, Dolly
Young, Phil
Young, William
Zerbini, Mini
Zimmerman, Pat
Zinser, Emily

Now go off and impress(??) your friends!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Just About Keeled Over

I met someone today (in her 20s) who grew up thinking [Walt] Disney World was it, and when she did learn of Disneyland, thought it had opened after WDW! I was so stunned I didn't even correct her nomenclature!

A Disneyland Quiz

Think you know Disneyland? Well, test yourself! Courtesy of the July 14, 1977 Disneyland Line, I present "a quiz of some facts that may have fallen by the wayside during the last [five] decades." (No cheating, Todd.)

1. Holidayland was;
A. An RV Park
B. A motel in Fullerton
C. A movie starring Bing Crosby
D. A picnic and recreation area adjacent to the Park

2. Who was Professor Keller?
A. The first instructor at the Disney University
B. A gunfighter in Frontierland
C. Star of "The Absent Minded Professor"
D. A lion tamer who performed on Main St.

3. The Red Wagon Inn was;
A. Opposite of the Red Wagon Outt
B. A new Mattel toy
C. A movie starring Fess Parker
D. Predecessor of the Plaza Inn

4. The Thimbledrome was;
A. A sewing bee
B. A Tomorrowland location where model airplanes and boats were demonstrated
C. A sports arena in Frontierland
D. A movie theatre in Adventureland

5. Lilliputian Land was;
A. A small country east of France
B. A typo
C. A proposed but never built land for the Park
D. What you say after someone sneezes

6. The star of the Golden Horseshoe when it opened was;
A. Hoagey Carmichael
B. Rex The Wonder Toad
C. Wally Boag
D. Humphrey Bogart

7. The Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters was located;
A. On Tom Sawyer's Island
B. In The Opera House
C. In Central First Aid
D. In San Juan Capistrano

8. Don Defore's Silver Banjo was;
A. Out of tune
B. An episode of Ozzie and Harriet
C. A restaurant in Frontierland
D. A group performing on the Keel Boats

9. "Art of Animation" was;
A. An exhibit in Tomorrowland
B. An unsuccessful Disney movie
C. Used to communicate with non-English speaking guests
D. Someone who drew pictures in Fantasyland

10. The fireworks display started;
A. When a Cast Member asked for the first E.R. [early release]
B. In 1956
C. As a distress signal
D. In 1958

Answers later! Interestingly, this article includes the photo Daveland posted of the employee cafeteria in the back of the Red Wagon Inn, but reveals slightly more of the photo:

UPDATE: And the answers are: 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-B, 5-C, 6-C, 7-B, 8-C, 9-A, 10-B. Yes Tim, you win! Some of those were pretty tough. Who knew this "Wally Boag" character was the star of the Golden Horseshoe?!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deteriorating Remnants of Disneyland's Past

VintageDisneylandTickets asked about a companion photo (to my Small Update post) showing the rotting Gullywhumper keel boat.

It doesn't look so bad from the river level, because you can't see all the water inside! You can, however, make out plant growth just below the shutters. I took a few dozen photos of the former Cascade Peak area (does it have a name now? Cascade Knoll? Non-Cascade Non-Peak?) on June 28; below are a selection.

This would be a classic view of the waterfalls. I never saw the Mine Train pass by here, but I can well imagine all the activity on a busy summer day at this crook of the river--a busy island, keel boats, canoes, the Mark Twain and the Columbia, the water animation of the peak, and the mine trains filled with Guests! I think some of the most interesting parts of the Park are where Guests experience attractions while also seeing other Guests getting a different experience. Tomorrowland's "A World on the Move" design perhaps expressed this best, but you could also see this in Fantasyland near Alice in Wonderland (the Alice attraction itself, the Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Mad Tea Party, the Storybook Land Canal Boats, and the Skyway) and on Main Street, U.S.A., with the train and Main Street Vehicles. The everything-but-the-kitchen sink rendering of the Indiana Jones attraction that incorporated the Jungle Cruise, the Disneyland Railroad, and several Indy attractions would have been spectacular.

In this photo you can see two closed attractions and one operating one!

The engine has seen better days.

The coupling has seen better days.

The ore cars have seen better days.

The track has... oh, you get the idea!

Overloaded Raft

As a companion to a post last month on Jungle is "101" (a wonderful Cast Member perspective on Disneyland), I present a September 1964 photograph of a somewhat overloaded raft:

A couple of things to look for: The Cast Member in the foreground is wearing flip-flops. The raft appears to have taken on some water, attracting the attention of the kids on that side of the raft. And what's that guy on the right doing on the wrong side of the railing? Was he an uncostumed Cast Member? At least he's wearing shoes!

UPDATE: Major Pepperidge commented that the lady is on the wrong side of the rope, too. She is not, though the smaller sized photo is ambiguous. So, here's a close-up of our lady friend!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Small Update

Sorry for abandoning you all! In my blogging absence, while I was in California, I learned a great deal about Disneyland that will be put to use in the Compendium. So, you just have to be patient! I'll have some better posts this week, but I wanted to share one of my better photos from my June 27 trip to the Park.

I took quite a few shots of the decaying mine train from across the river. It's really looking quite sad, isn't it?