Monday, July 28, 2008

A Walk in the Park: Day Two

I think I'd enjoy Fantasyland a lot more if it were always this wide open! Unfortunately, it's often a sea of humanity.

Note the cleaning taking place!


Eric Scales said...

I remember when the Carousel was being rehabbed- it was basically missing! A very strange view!

Daveland said...

The unfortunate truth is that the hordes of people we hate to see there make it possible for all the things we love about Disneyland.

Your pic of the Mr. Toad attraction made me think of last weekend when I had to move a stroller that was parked right in front; some idiot left it there for at least 20 minutes (complete with plastic bag of fruit loops!) and was nowhere to be found...not on Mr. Toad, not on the Carrousel...the things I do to get my photos.

Mike said...

Progressland, where did you work when you were a cast member? These pics remind me of my days in custodial when I worked a closing shift in Fantasyland. I loved seeing the area clear out as the evening went on...until it was just me and a couple other sweepers left alone (with the area music still going). These quiet times, alone with a section of the Park, were always pretty cool. Granted, we'd be nowhere without our hordes of guests, but sometimes it's nice to see the pavement!


Jason Schultz said...

Mike, I was in Guest Relations, so mainly towards the fronts of each Park and in the Main Entry Plaza. I do have some 7 AM and 2 AM shots of Town Square and Main Street, U.S.A. that I'll post at some point. I didn't particularly like closing City Hall, but I loved watching the Park empty out!

Kathy said...

The Whale in Storybook Land is still one of my favorites. I like riding it at night, when all the tiny houses are lit up. As a kid, I remember really believing that the three little pigs were in there, when I could hear them dancing and singing. They have so much detail and I love the little garden quilt with all the different plants from all over the world.