Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lost & Found Tally

Sometimes, when things were slow at the Resort, I'd keep a tally of one thing or another. Before Lost & Founds of the two Parks were combined at the old Package Pick-Up Window, Disney's California Adventure had its own Lost & Found, near the entrance, adjacent to the Guest Relations Lobby. This was very frequently a slow location, as my tally below for April 8, 2001, indicates. These numbers are from an eight-hour shift, but do not account for any Guests (if there were any!) during my breaks or lunch.

The first thing I kept track of was how many Guests actually wanted Lost & Found, versus how many really wanted services offered by the Guest Relations Lobby. (It seems the stylized location signs above the doors didn't attract the attention of Guests, who would just go to whichever location looked the least busy.) A grand total of 18 Guests came into Lost & Found with questions actually for us... and 22 came in who actually wanted the Guest Relations Lobby.

This is an hour-by-hour breakdown of all the Guests:

8 AM: 5
9 AM: 7
10 AM: 10
11 AM: 0 (yes, 0)
12 PM: 5
1 PM: 5
2 PM: 3
3 PM: 4

(I realize these two totals differ by one person, and I have no explanation for that). The thing I most remember about my days in DCA Lost & Found is spending a bunch of time reading the writings of then-executive vice president of Walt Disney World Lee Cockerell on the intranet.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Interesting, I didn’t know the combined the lost and founds, was Disneyland at City Hall prior to that?

Did anyone actually find anything that was lost?

Jason Schultz said...

Disneyland's Lost & Found was with the Lockers on E. Center Street. If Guests came into City Hall, we could call over to L&F or if they were heading into the Park, just direct them to that location.

We matched up LOTS of stuff!