Monday, April 7, 2008

The Northern Mural

Per unanimous commenter demand (wait, isn't that mob rule?), we'll continue with demolition. There's a fine line between the end of destruction and the beginning of construction; right now I'll just try to share those photos that are mostly from the destruction process. Below you'll find some more of Mary Blair's northern mural. Continuing this week I think I'll have photos of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the Tomorrowland Autopia, the marquee removed in 1999, and the Monorail Cafe and Travelport at the Disneyland Hotel... perhaps some more Fantasyland shots, too--I have enough of those to last several lifetimes!

For all the decent shots that resulted from putting one's camera through the construction fence door handle, there were also ones like this:

And this:

But hey! At least you can see the mural. And the planter. In early October 1997, they began to cover up the mural. You can see several tiles fully missing already:

Then they put up scaffolding...

So they could cover it up with wood:


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW! I always wanted to know exactly how the North Mural was covered up, now I know. Yes it's damaged, but I'd say 90% of it looks ok and would be an easy fix. Make everyone happy and bring it back (someday)...

THANKS FOR THESE!!!!! Keep um coming

Unknown said...

Great post!

Thanks for sharing these with us.

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Would love to see the murals brought down one day and placed somewhere around the resort where they would be visible.

Installed along the Esplanade, somewhere in Downtown Disney, at the hotel (perhaps back by the quiet pool) or even somwehere near tram loading (either end) or even outside of the parking structure.

Anywhere - appropriate.

Princess Fee said...

I would love to see these murals in person some time - and to know they are not fully damaged is great!

Thanks for sharing :)

Daveland said...

Those photos seem to clear up the mystery of whether the tiles are under there or not...hopefully one day soon they will see the light of day again. Great photos!