Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Edward T. Meck Window

This is a neat bit of trivia I just found out this week. Above the China Closet sits a window which reads "The Disneyland News / Edward T. Meck / Editor in Chief."

Meck headed up the Disneyland Publicity Department beginning a couple months before the Park opened and continuing in that capacity until his retirement in December 1972. (You can read more about him on the Disney Legends page.) He had a grand bash upon his retirement that included the Disneyland Band, a bunch of Disney characters, and over three hundred others. At that ceremony, he was presented with a model of his Main Street window, just as honorees today receive a replica.

But his (and this is the trivia part) was the first window added since the Park's opening! I'd always wondered about the chronology of the windows, and this is an important piece of that. I also learned that Meck's son worked at Disneyland, too. As of several years ago, he was an hourly in Resort Transportation and Parking, after retirement from his career.


Unknown said...

Nice find!

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Major Pepperidge said...

He should have had a career as Don Knott's double!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Meck and his family lived across the street from us in Orange when I was growing up. That was in the 1950's and early 1960's. I have seldom encountered anyone who was as kind, thoughtful and caring as Mr. and Mrs. Meck, their three sons and daughter. While over time I have lost track of all, they are not gone from some wonderful memories.

Unknown said...

Such a wonderful article about my grandfather. Thank you for sharing!