Sunday, April 6, 2008

Freeway Update

As I went through The Nickel Tour recently, I found a couple more freeway connections I had managed to forget over the years:
  • The King Arthur Carrousel was available for purchase by Disneyland because of freeway construction in Toronto. It had previously been in Sunnyside Park, which sits on the shore of Lake Ontario. (I bet the horses like the warmer weather!) The Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway currently runs adjacent to (through?) the park, so that must be the freeway referred to in the book. If you can decipher their shorthand, you can learn a little more about the carrousel at the National Carousel Association's "Census of Classic Wood Carousels (Condensed)." For background on the "Sunnyside Beach Park" or "Sunnyside Amusement Beach," you can learn about that here. (My favorite part is where the author writes that the carrousel "supposedly opened with the park" in 1955.)
  • "A Tour of the West" was shot mostly from the roof of a car, including travels "along the Los Angeles Freeways." If they had waited, they could have just taken the cameras over to the Autopia!

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