Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Eddie Meck Anecdote

Following up on last week's post about Eddie Meck, here's a fun story from a Don W. Martin column in the Oxnard Press-Courier, May 30, 1964:
Every now and then, these publicity fellows come up with a Funny.

Like Eddie Meck, for instance.

Eddie is charged with the responsibility of telling the world of the glories and grandeurs of Disneyland. Recently, I got a letter from Eddie, informing me that I had been named as an honorary member of the Big Band Boosters Club.

As a member, the letter said, I would receive--absolutely free--my very own 14-piece band.

Today, I received another letter from Eddie. I opened the piece of mail, and a small envelope fell out. These words were printed on the envelope: "Here is your 14-piece band!"

The envelope contained a rubber band, chopped into 14 pieces.

* * *

Actually, Eddie was attempting to promote "Disneyland After Dark," a series of five nights, June 13-17, in which five of the nation's leading bands will appear.

These are Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Wayne King, Count Basie and the Elliott Brothers. All bands will be there each of the five nights. The bands will be playing throughout the park during these evening stomp sessions.

Also, June 13 will mark the return of "Fantasy in the Sky," a fireworks display that begins with the flight of that Tinker Bell chick above Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

As I said, the band gimmick was designed to promote this "Disneyland After Dark" thing. Apparently, it worked.
Simple, but effective! I had always known about the 1962 television special "Disneyland After Dark," but in doing this research I've found that it was also used as the name for a specific event and as an umbrella term for nighttime entertainment throughout the summer (in several years, I think).

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When someone gets that time machine thing figured out, I'll take a second on the house to take a vacation at Disneyland during that week.