Saturday, May 31, 2008

Disneyland-Silver Spring Connection

Well, I finally found the connection between Disneyland and where I now reside in Maryland. Some might consider it tenuous, but it can act as a placeholder until I find something better. The connection comes from the Snow White Wishing Well. Quoting Magic Quizdom:
Where does money from Snow White Wishing Well go? Children's charities. Originally, it was put into a trust established between Disneyland and the Variety Clubs International, to go to such places as orphanages, schools and children's homes. The trust was terminated in 1972 when federal regulations restricted contributions to foreign charities, and now it goes to domestic children's charities.
In 1971, $5,000 was given to the Variety Clubs for the Indian Health Service-Navajo Hearing Project in Silver Spring, to treat Navajo children suffering from middle ear problems and hearing loss. I don't know how many of those children there were in Silver Spring, though...! (For those who don't know and can't be bothered to open up a map window, Silver Spring is an unincorporated area of Montgomery County immediately outside the District of Columbia. I live across the street from the headquarters of Discovery Communications, which moved into downtown Silver Spring in February 2003. Oh, and the headquarters of the National Weather Service are down the street.)

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