Monday, May 19, 2008

Photos from George Short, Part 6

Today we'll begin a week-long trip 'round and 'round the Carousel Theater to see America Sings. That's right--you'll be in here a week! (Except for Thursday, where we'll take a time-out to commemorate the opening of the New Tomorrowland.)

Today: Act 1. All of the shots I'll be sharing this week are of the show itself, but George does have some perspective on the characters that regular Guests couldn't get. (At least, Guests who stayed in their seats!)

First up, The Swamp Boys:

Mother Possum... she's singing "Single Girl," but she's thinking "stay away from the Laughing Place!":

The Coyote, "Birmingham Jail":

Foxes, "Down by the Riverside":

Hens, "Down by the Riverside":

And two views of The Swamp Boy Frogs:

Also, in response to Friday's post at Gorilla's Don't Blog, here's a nice 1980s shot looking out toward Harbor Boulevard with Chao's visible in the upper right. There are some other fun things in this photo, like the Grand Hotel and... oh, hey, that's Tomorrowland there in the foreground!

That's all for now; tomorrow we're Goin' West!


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat "America Sings" images... it's nice that we can still visit so many of the Animatronics in Splash Mountain.

That aerial veiw of Tomorrowland is awesome. Was it taken by the Rocket Man?? ;-)

The Viewliner Limited said...

Ditto the Major. The air view is awesome. Lots of great pictures in the last few days. Appreciate them all. Thank you.

walterworld said...

Oh wow! Nice shot of Harbor Blvd from back in the day...

Clearly seen are the Sands Motel (later the Park Inn), and the Carousel and Tropicana Motels in their original configurations (nice A-Frame entrance for the Carousel).

All the original motel signage appears to be still intact. Even the Mecca Motel is still sporting its minaret...

You've posted many fantastic shots lately---THANK YOU!