Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photos from George Short, Part 3

We'll continue today with our up-close look at some of the various animals around Nature's Wonderland. There are so many little things scattered around--I imagine each trip would be fairly unique, especially given lighting and weather. Speaking of which, what was the atmosphere of this attraction like at night? (It did operate at night, right?) Anyway, on with the animals... and yes, Tim, these photos were taken by walking the track!

This coyote image is one of my favorites of all those George shared with me.

Note the presence of what I presume to be Facilities Cast Members out in the desert. Hope they brought their canteens!


Major Pepperidge said...

I have heard that this attraction DID operate at night, at least sometimes. I wonder if the engineer operated a spotlight kind of like they do on the Jungle Cruise? As much as I dream about getting to ride Mine Train just one more time, it would be extra amazing to ride it at night!

It just occurred to me that somewhere there is an account of the Mine Train stopping during the fireworks so that folks could watch from that vantage point, maybe it's on Yesterland?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are fantastic! Wow, the animals look more real than I had imagined. The area looks so varied and detailed; I've never seen someone take such wonderful pictures of this attraction. Do you know if these are from slides, the really look professional? Thanks Jason and George!

Will Robison said...

At the risk of dating myself, I seem to recall riding the attraction at night. But I'm also thinking that maybe it closed at dusk. Even for me, its been a long time. But I do remember riding it and as a kid it kind of reminded me of the Storybook Land Canal Boats only with critters. "Look a teetering rock! Look a coyote! Look a sea monster!" Okay, that last one may have been on the subs. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did they run at night? I will never know ... our family had the tradition of ALWAYS visiting Disneyland in a CLOCKWISE direction, starting in Adventureland when we arrived and leaving from the Tomorrowland train station (after circling the park one last time.

This had the major advantage of seeing the outdoor rides like Jungle Cruise and Mark Twain/Tom Sawyer Island during daytime hours, and the more urban and better illuminated "East Side" attractions at night. This was a major consideration since when I was a kid, we went on EVERY ride available, and it in fact took the whole day to cycle thru the park.

The good news was my Dad worked odd shiftwork and frequently had weekdays off, and they were not adverse to taking us out of school for the day to enjoy an almost empty park.

Anonymous said...

-Katella Gate (duh)