Friday, May 30, 2008

A (Small) Bit More of Carousel Theater Destruction

So apparently I lied when I last informed you that I only had one image of the Carousel Theater interior when it was gutted in 1996. I discovered a few more images. No, don't adjust your monitors; they really are that size.

These have not been scaled down--they were the full resolution shot at the time! It was pretty cool to have a camera that would allow me to upload photos to my web site (in 1996, "Wicket's Disneyland Home Page" with somewhere around 10 or 25MB of storage space) the same day! Photos could also be taken at 640x480, but the image quality suffered (yes, even compared to these!). I used a Casio QV-10, which I'm sure we still have somewhere around the house. You can read a period review of the camera here. It talks about a bunch of design flaws, but the only thing I remember about the camera is how small the photos are!

Check back tomorrow for a fun internal document from the 1970s. The promised Thesaurus Thursday post might wait until Thursday.


Major Pepperidge said...

Looks like it was taken with my cell phone!

Neat though, thanks

Futurama said...

I have memories of creeping up into America Sings from the Utilidor. There was sort of a large central room and then there were doors to the back of the various sets. Other doors led to the sound room, wardrobe(?) room, etc. I seem to remember that the sound room still had a bin loop projector for the TRON Speed Tunnel. The escalator up to Progressland had been removed but the corridor was still there. For a long time the second floor contained offices for Theme Park Operations (Food/Merch/Attractions) and maybe other dep'ts.

ODV also had offices in a couple of the Sings theaters in the early 90's (the Gay 90's?).

Does anybody know if Innoventions has access from the Tomorrowland Tunnel? The tunnel, for those that don't know, was sort of a prototype for the Utilidors at WDW's Magic Kingdom. It runs from behind Innoventions to the back of the Buzz Lightyear building.

Anonymous said...

For anyone interested in better photos of the gutting of the carousel theater .. I just put mine up on the web today -