Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers, Part 9

The eighth batch of questions relating to Disneyland and Walt Disney Productions, as posed by Disneyland employees in 1972 and published in the August 2, 1972 Disneyland Line. More details can be found in Part 1.
QUESTION: "As a very concerned sweeper, I would like to inquire why we in Bear Country have such an inadequate costume.

"Granted, the costumes look good, but they are quite impractical. A sweeper probably does as much walking as anybody, and the heavy boots are not made for walking. The sole is so hard that it has given me shin splints. A sweeper should be mobile - the boots are a hinderance.

"The hats are constructed with no air vents, and one's head becomes very hot and sweaty. The shirts are equivalent to wearing flannel underwear on a hot, humid summer night. They are fine for the winter season, but much too heavy for summer. The pants are closely knit so they keep in the heat. Also, we are required to keep the pants tucked into the boots, which makes the situation even more cumbersome.

"May I suggest that the sweepers wear the traditional white linens. They are practical, cheaper, and much more appropriate for our specific job situation."

ANSWER: "Your costume is a duplication of the kind of clothes the loggers and trappers wore in the old Northwest.

"In our efforts to keep ten years ahead of our competitors, we are trying to theme all sweepers' costumes to the area in which they are assigned to work.

We believe that the white uniforms exclude the sweepers from the Show.

In regards to the question:

1. Hats are being vented as you suggested.

2. The homespun weave of the shirt may appear to be heavy, but actually it is 100% cotton, which is the coolest fabric available. The pants are also 100% cotton.

3. The composition of the last and the sole in your boots are similar to the type of well-constructed shoes worn by many construction workers. Once the boot has been broken in, it becomes quite comfortable.

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Katella Gate said...

LOL... this one made me laugh. "Pay no attention to that discomfort you feel: it's all in your mind."

And I wonder exactly who and when dropped the policy to be "ten years ahead of the competition?". I wanna circle that date on my calendar.