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You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers, Part 2

The first batch of questions relating to Disneyland and Walt Disney Productions, as posed by Disneyland employees in 1972 and published in the June 13, 1972 Disneyland Line. More details can be found in Part 1.
QUESTION: "The growth of Walt Disney Productions is causing increasing employment opportunities. What careers are opening up in the future? What is the best way to pursue a career with Walt Disney Productions?"

QUESTION: "It appears that there are many and varied opportunities in the Disney organization. A young man may work up in position from sweeper to supervisor in a relatively short time. We are always hearing of the promotion of Merchandising, Food, and Operations personnel, unfortunately however, these advancements to supervision are all men.

"I, as a female employee, am interested in remaining with Disney, but what kind of future do I have? I feel that there are many capable female employees in the Park that would be much more of an asset to Disney if put into a position of responsibility. What avenues of opportunity will be available to us in the near future?"

ANSWER: We are presently working on a company-wide "Opportunities Program" in which you will be asked, "Where Do You Go From Here?"

In the meantime, you will be ahead of the game if you send a resume ... along with your job objectives to: OPPORTUNITIES, c/o BERNIE HANSEN, Assistant Director of Employee Relations.

Also, an "Employment Opportunities List For Disneyland" is published bi-weekly by the Employee Relations Division. This list is posted throughout the Park on bulletin boards. If you are interested in any of the positions on this list, contact the Personnel Department.

The DISNEYLAND LINE also lists, periodically, positions available in the Park.

QUESTION: "I would like to know why a Disneyland employee who has been a permanent part-time for over a year must wait four years before being issued an annual pass?"

ANSWER: Annual Main Gate Passes for all group "C" employees with one or more years of service, are currently being issued. More than 1200 of these passes will be distributed.

All permanent Industry Sales employees working at Disneyland with one or more years of service, will be receiving Main Gate Passes by mail.

All Disneyland employees who have previously been issued Main Gate Passes and whose immediate family consists of five or more members, will have their Main Gate Passes stamped to allow all members of their family to enter the Park at one time. A LETTER WILL BE MAILED TO YOU SHORTLY, RELATING THE DETAILS.

For non-family use, your annual pass will offer the privilege of admission for yourself and a party of three.

Annual Passes that have just been issued have already been stamped to provide admittance into the Park for your entire family.

QUESTION: "Why can't Disneyland personnel purchase Magic Kingdom Club tickets at a discount? We should be able to receive what the public receives at a savings."

ANSWER: Ten-ride Magic Key Books will now be sold year round to all Disneyland employees at a 20% discount. Ticket books are now available at Cash Control.

QUESTION: "About a month before Easter, my son was interviewed for a job at Disneyland and in a week was notified by form letter that they could give him no encouragement at this time...
"...My question is -- is there some specific reason why relatives of employees are not being hired? If so, then why does the DISNEYLAND LINE play up job availability?"

ANSWER: At no time has there been a policy against hiring relatives of Park personnel. In fact, we encourage it. We want to insure that all have the opportunity for an interview. However, it is more important to remember that sons and daughters of employees must meet the same employment requirements that apply to all other applicants.

Applications for sons and daughters are now available through all division offices. Just ask your supervisor for one. Once the application has been filled out, call the Personnel Office for an interview appointment.

Also, if you have friends who you feel qualify and want to recommend, please suggest that they come in and apply in person at our Disneyland Employment Office.

QUESTION: "I am interested in knowing about the organization structure of Disneyland. Is it possible to see, or get a copy of Disneyland's Organization Chart?"

ANSWER: A series of articles will appear in the Disneyland Line explaining The Disneyland Organization.
Since the Disneyland Line did not end up running that series, perhaps the questioner would be interested in the Encyclopedia!

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