Thursday, December 18, 2008

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers, Part 3

The second batch of questions relating to Disneyland and Walt Disney Productions, as posed by Disneyland employees in 1972 and published in the June 16, 1972 Disneyland Line. More details can be found in Part 1.
QUESTION: "I know a lot of people have thought this out, but in the few years that I have been in the Park, and the congestion that I have witnessed at the 'Hub' prior to the fireworks, does Entertainment really think that they are going to run the 'Electrical Parade' through that crowd?

"Wouldn't 10 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. be a better time for the parade? Wouldn't it hold more people in the Park if held at that time?" ---Bob Penfield.

ANSWER: "We have thoroughly discussed all parade particulars with the Operations Division. Prior to the premiere of the 'Main Street Electrical Praade,' there will be dry-run rehearsals observing crowd control in the parade area.

"From the standpoint of show, the 'Main Street Electrical Parade' acts as a prelude to our spectacular 'Fantasy In The Sky' fireworks display, therefore, the programming of the parade as is presently scheduled seems most effective." ---Bob Jani, Entertainment Director.

QUESTION: "Why does the mural in the basement of the Ad Building end with 1967? Also, why can't the halls and the offices in the Administration Building be painted and cleaned up? The hall leading from the mailroom to the band rehearsal room looks like a cattle ramp. We often have visitors here and would appreciate a new look.

ANSWER: Mural design plans are currently being drawn up and work will begin on the mural and the halls in July. Rehab on the Accounting Office will begin later this month. ---Mel Cecil, Maintenance Director.

QUESTION: "If an employee has another interest other than the area he works in, is it possible - on his own time - to visit backstage areas and watch the operations that are performed there? For example, I would be interested in costume making for puppets. I like to work with puppets as a hobby."

ANSWER: Please call Bob Reilly, Director of General Services at Ext. 581 so that you can set up a time for you to discuss your question with him.

QUESTION: "My name is Yolanda Viramontes and I work at the 'Space Bar' in Tomorrowland. I would like to know if there are any future plans to change the costumes in that area.

"Most of them look like the future has caught up with them."

ANSWER: To all "Space Bar" employees and especially Yolanda Viramontes: Yes, we are going to change the "Space Bar" costumes, but the new design will not be ready until Spring, 1973. ---Bob Reilly, Director of General Services.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Fascinating Q & A. Hey, when did the Space Bar close? I thought it didn’t make it into the new '67 Tomorrowland, yet Yolanda seems to work there in 1972? Where they still calling the Tomorrowland Terrace the "Space Bar"?

Jason Schultz said...

VDT: Space Bar (1955-1966) was the restaurant that had the Carousel Theater land on it. "The Space Bar" (1967-1977) was the original name of the Lunching Pad.