Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tencennial Summertime Entertainment Advertisements

As a follow-up to Friday's post on the overwhelming amount of Guest Talent booked during the summer of 1965, I present a few of the advertisements which ran in area newspapers. I pieced my schedule together from over fifty articles and advertisements, so this is really a very small sample!

May 23, 1965, Disneyland Holiday Swing:

July 5, 1965, Hootenanny:

July 20, 1965, Humdinger:

September 17, 1965, Dixieland at Disneyland, 1965 Edition:

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that the Humdinger announcement uses "Fantasyland Theater," whereas I prefer "Fantasyland Theatre." (Are you out there, eagle eyes?) Some sources--including a few guidebooks--use "Theater," but the signage always said "Theatre," and other sources concur. In the absence of a good reason to go against it, I side with the signs.


Will Robison said...

I'm reading this and it says that the admission price included all the attractions? Did Disneyland sometimes go ticket-less during special occasions, or did this just mean that they had access to all the attractions but still had to buy tickets?

Jason Schultz said...

Will, separate-ticket events (like Dixieland at Disneyland, the New Year's Eve Party, Grad Nites, Spring Fling, and private parties) included attractions with the price of admission, like today's general admission (and excepted the shooting galleries and arcades, like today's general admission).