Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adopt-a-Highway: Disneyland Park

While being driven south on I-5 today I saw an Adopt-a-Highway sign (I think at the Harbor Boulevard off-ramp) that caught my attention. I clearly recognized the Disneyland logo from a distance and also noticed a subscripted word. I assumed that word would be "Resort." I was a little surprised to see "Park" instead. Disneyland (Park) obviously has its own identity, but it seems a little strange to me that Disney would use Disneyland Park as the sponsor rather than the resort property. Is this perhaps a relic from the late 1990s? Or does Disney's California Adventure just not care about litter?

I have a full day at Disneyland planned for tomorrow, including dining at the Club. I'll have more regular postings soon!


Futurama said...

Club Buzz or Club 33? (or maybe Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters or Coral Club in your time machine)? ;)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Let's Krash Jason's Club party!!!! LOL!! Have a fun at Disneyland today!

Anonymous said...

I remember that sign from pre-DCA...however it's a decent guess that DCA also doesn't care about litter.