Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Disneyland Shop Information

No, I haven't forsaken all of you... I've just been doing my Christmas shopping! I set my time machine for 1958 to take advantage of the catalog Jed posted, but I ended up in 1973. (The dial has been sticking, and you know how the repair people are...) Luckily, the Disneyland Line issued a special edition around December 5, 1973 documenting what each store sells. I just don't know if I'll have enough room to bring back the grandfather clock! (Yes, I'm posting this from 1973.) I might just load up on Funky Groovy Threads over at the Character Shop. Far out!

With thanks to VintageDisneylandTickets for hosting, you too can peruse this unique portrait of 1973 Disneyland shopping.

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Futurama said...

It's cool that they were able to have the employee Christmas party so early in those days (since the park was closed Monday/Tuesday. But no Tomorrowland!