Sunday, June 8, 2008

Disneyland-My Parents' House Connection

Not only did I just now find a way to connect my parents' house in Orange County with Disneyland, but--even better--the Carousel of Progress!

Beginning in 1964 (or so), General Electrical began sponsoring a Gold Key Builder Award. On a national level, the program recognized builders and developers whose projects reflected "significant achievement in design and construction." An executive committee chose recipients based on nominations from GE regional offices. The Carousel of Progress at Disneyland had a display space for large photographs of some of these developments until the attraction moved to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. (I have not yet pinned down if this practice began in 1967 or sometime later, but it definitely existed between 1970 and 1973.) I assume this was near the Progress City scene, but I have no idea. Anyway, in September 1973 GE presented The Presley Companies with such an award for the Parkside Estates in Diamond Bar.

No, they weren't being honored for the housing development in which my parents live, but our house is in a later community designed by Presley! For a small fee I can tell you how your housing development is connected to Disneyland, too!


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

How about a couple of "B" tickets to reveal my connection? Wait, my 1959 track home is the "Cinderella" model; it still has the "Pumpkin Coach, slipper & wand" stencils on the tile in the main bathroom. Does that count?

mistryl said...

Haha, wasn't it Kevin's house that was a Medallion Home?

(I really should know this... sigh)

Jason Schultz said...

Yes, it was! I remember my incredible excitement at seeing the actual medallion!