Friday, November 18, 2011

Thesaurus Term of the Day: Thomasson, Tedd

To try to give you a reason to keep coming back here, and to keep attention (not the least, my own) focused on the Disneyland Resort Thesaurus, I've decided to start a new feature here at Disneyland Nomenclature. The thesaurus currently has 60,744 terms, of which 38,786 are non-date terms. (If you are interested in such information, might I suggest to you Jason's Disneyland Almanac?) Each month I'll output a current list of these non-date terms, pull out thirty terms at random, and prepare posts. The posts won't necessarily contain the entirety of the information in the thesaurus. And I have to caution at the outset that many thousands of terms are for people, a significant subset of which I only know about from mentions in telephone directories. I don't anticipate that every entry will be significant or interesting to anybody (including me), but in the aggregate the series of posts will allow me to show the range of material contained within the thesaurus. I also hope that, for the people terms especially, down the road somebody will search on their own or a relative's name and have additional information to provide or inaccuracies to correct.

Today's term is Thomasson, Tedd. I added this term on July 25, 2009. As listed in The Walt Disney Company Telephone Directory of February 2001, Todd worked at Walt Disney Imagineering in Facilities Development in Celebration Place in Florida. Several years ago I made the decision to include all Imagineers in the Disneyland-focused thesaurus. This is partly because I know Imagineers often move around on different parks/resorts, and partly because Imagineering is a very collaborative environment, so I couldn't readily guarantee that an Imagineer had no impact on Disneyland. You can tell that I have leaned toward the inclusive side.

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