Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Tribute to a Photographer

As I often do on the weekend, I walked to Disneyland today. I like to walk and once I get going I don't like to stop. But as I was almost out of Town Square my eye caught on the mail box outside the Emporium and I paused for a moment, thinking to the photos posted today at Gorillas Don't Blog. As it happened, this ever-so-slight pause (it couldn't have been more than four seconds) gave me opportunity to run into a friend on her way into work. I don't remember what song was playing on the Main Street loop, but I imagine it must have been Fortuosity.

I stopped because I thought it would be interesting to capture similar photos. I think this first one embodies the spirit of what that photographer is all about, but I didn't get the framing exactly right (original):

I didn't get the second one quite right, either. I guess he or she just had a very unique perspective that is impossible to duplicate! (original):


Major Pepperidge said...

Awesome!! You added an extra degree of "Batman"-style tilt to yours - I heartily approve!

It's amazing how much the town square area has changed. Of course the Main Street shot is different too, but the basic buildings are still there.

SundayNight said...

Good try! I think the original photographer must have had a lens that wasn’t as wide as yours, thus the effect that the Opera House and the Main Street Cinema look much farther away in your pics.

Jason Schultz said...

Major - I think I'll take these photos every time I go to the Park until I get it right.

SundayNight - While your explanation makes some rational sense, I prefer to believe that Main Street has just been slowly expanding since 1955.