Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Origin of the Mickey Mouse Pancakes?

Although I recognize the significance to many Guests of the Mickey Mouse Pancakes served at the River Belle Terrace, I do not believe I have ever had them. The above photo is from July 1978 and shows the making of a pancake; the Guests appear to be very interested in the preparation. While doing some thesaurus work today, I believe I have stumbled across the origin of the pancakes in the very first Backstage Disneyland publication from Winter 1962:

Let's See the Lessees

Elaine Williams

Bud Coulson of Aunt Jemima's reports that Rick Hubbard, Vice-President in charge of batter, has invented a Mickey Mouse Pancake, which is a three-in-one combination and which is enjoyed by guests and employees, alike. Rick attends Long Beach State and, in the true spirit, of Disneyland, and Aunt Jemima's, has given the secret recipe to Bud's head chef, Leon Cole, and his assistants. They would appreciate your asking for the Mickey Mouse Pancake, only if the kitchen is not too busy. We feel Bud is slightly biased when he says it's a work of art, but we're sure it's delicious.
While I am quite a long way from having everything in the thesaurus, my current earliest recorded mention of the Mickey Mouse pancakes is in the summer of 1975. I have neither Rick Hubbard nor Leon Cole in the thesaurus, but Rodney ("Bud") Coulson was the Park's original lessee liaison. In the early days he also functioned as a town crier in Town Square, providing the latest news to Disneyland employees and lessees before Park opening. Later, from 1962 to 1966 he and his wife, Elizabeth, operated Aunt Jemima's Kitchen.


Top Secret said...

They are a little fancier these days (at least at TDL):

Major Pepperidge said...

In the vintage photo, it almost looks like there is shredded coconut on the ears. If so.... yuck!

Annie said...

As an alumni of Long Beach State, I find that little blurb hilarious! At last, I finally find confirmation that I picked the right school! LOL

Daveland said...

As always, great find!

JG said...

How wonderful. Great memories of the pancake. We had bfast in Riverbelle Terrace recently, but the pancake didn't sound good in spite of nostalgia. Too old I guess. (me not the pancakes).

The current version ears are almost as big as the head. I remember a more classical proportion from my youth.

Major, I think the ears were decorated with powdered sugar in my time. I don't recall coconut at all.


Janet W said...

I worked for Bud and Betty Coulson at Aunt Jemima's from 1965 through 1967. I made many Mickey pancakes and the ears had powdered sugar. I believe the Coulsons leased from Disney through the early 70s.

JG said...

Ha, Janet, you probably made my pancakes. Thank you.


Blog of the Decimator said...

I used to get Mickey Mouse pancakes at a local restaurant. I wonder if Disney ever sued them.