Friday, February 13, 2009

Nixon and Disneyland, Part 6

Yeah, yeah... I've been delinquent. (Would it comfort you to know the thesaurus is up to 38,063 terms? No?) I've come across another connection between Disneyland and Nixon: Tim Elbourne. From the March 28, 1973 Disneyland Line:
Tim Elbourne has joined Disney as Director of Tour Development and Travel for Disneyland and Walt Disney World and will also act as General Manager of the Walt Disney Travel Company. Tim worked for Walt Disney Productions as a Project Developer and in 1968 left to join the Nixon administration as Assistant Press Secretary to the President.


Major Pepperidge said...

Now we need you to find a connection between Nixon and Lincoln!

Welcome back...!

Daveland said...

Welcome back Jason - have missed your posts. - Dave

Will Robison said...

Just like Sam Seaborn!