Saturday, February 14, 2009

Need Fill Dirt?

From the May 16, 1973 Disneyland Line:
NEED FILL DIRT? - Excess fill dirt behind the Haunted Mansion is available to employees on a first come basis by calling Bill Wright [Property Control] on extension 278. Bring your truck and the skip-loader will be made available for as much as you need. This offer is good until all the dirt is gone.


outsidetheberm said...

Well, you gotta love that!

Today's Disney enthusiast would pay for such a 'dirty' opportunity.

Kevin Kidney said...


(I'm so glad you survived the drive and are back to bloggin'.)

Major Pepperidge said...

Haunted Mansion dirt, $20 per vial with certificate of authenticity and a limited edition pin. You know it would sell!

Jason Schultz said...

Glad I still have readers!

I'm just wondering what the dirt was from, since there wasn't much construction going on at the Park at the time.

Katella Gate said...

>>You read my mind Major<<

Yes, we're still here. I was getting worried that maybe my URL pointer was looking at a frozen old page.

Now if "Jungle is 101" would post again....