Monday, October 6, 2008

What Guests Want in the Guest Relations Lobby, February 2, 2002

On February 2, 2002, I kept a tally of why Guests were coming into the Guest Relations Lobby at Disney's California Adventure, much like I had tallied Lost & Found Guests on April 8, 2001. They are listed below in the order that I recorded the Guest need.
  • Birthday: 19
  • Special Assistance Passes: 38
  • Dining Reservations: 3
  • General Information: 11
  • Foreign Language Guidemaps: 10
  • English Guidemaps: 5
  • Blast! Tickets: 8
  • Disney's Electrical Parade Reservations: 2
  • Purchase Tickets: 6
  • Concerns: 5
  • Entered Wrong Park: 5
  • Assistance with Lockers: 4


Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or was getting rid of the CM in the Main St. locker area one of the worst operational changes in recent memory. Guests who need assistance with the new electronic lockers now have to flag down a passing CM, who, due to the Lockers proximity to a backstage entrance, may or may not be on the clock, who then has to get to a phone and call City Hall, and request that someone comes to assist the guest. Then the guest has to sit outside lockers and wait while the new CM shows up, several minutes sometimes, as the CM extricates themselves from whatever was going on at City Hall and makes their way across a sometimes very crowded Main St.

outsidetheberm said...

Five people entered the wrong park - what an amusing predicament to ponder! Obviously it was some kind of DCA mix-up, but it makes you wonder... did you ever have someone claiming they were looking for Knott's?!

David Marquez said...

GR CM's were never staffed as "Locker Help". We were there to run Lost and Found and if you needed help, we could provide that. There were SmartCarte employees staffed to help with lockers...boy were they a fun bunch!

Anonymous said...

I still maintain that having a CM in the locker area is better guest service than making a guest seek someone out.

Westcot2000 said...

Is "concern" a fancy word for complaint? ;)

Jason Schultz said...

Anonymous: I didn't like combining the Lost and Founds at all. I understand why it was done ($$$), but it's far more inconvenient for Guests to get their stuff back now. And as you suggest, it was far more convenient for Guests to have Cast Members there who knew about the lockers. If the number of Guests with locker issues is about the same, it's several an hour.

OTB: No, I never had somebody looking for Knott's!

W2000: There are no complaints at Disneyland. :)