Sunday, January 28, 2018

Hey, That's My Scan!

Do you remember my blog post from April 17, 2008? Good. It showed what the very second publication of the Disneyland Line looked like. Unfortunately, I still have been unable to track down the very first edition of this longstanding publication. And I recently learned that perhaps Disney doesn't have it available easily internally, either.

The January 13, 2011 Disneyland Resort Line featured this item:

This could, of course, be from any scan of the April 11, 1969, publication. It's cropped a little more than my scan, the color balance is different, the bleed-through from the second page has been corrected, and the hole punch in the "Disneyland" is not there.

What is apparent, however, is the evidence of the lower two hole punches and the overall fading around the edges. (The logo hole punch could have been corrected because it was more visible.) The first thing that caught my attention here was that they "chose" to use an image of the second issue published, rather than the first. When I first saw the item, I was hoping to finally see what the very first issue looked like! It wouldn't make sense to choose the second if you had the first. And then I began examining it and found similarities to the scan I had posted almost three years before this issue.

What do you think?


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, another post. Awesome!

I've heard of a number of instances of Disney using photos, scans, and even artwork from online sources (such as Deviantart). There was a photo of John Lasseter and a bunch of other folks on a stage, presumably announcing the upcoming "Luigi's Flying Tires" attraction. The photo (of the old Flying Saucers) on the big screen behind them? From my blog! I'm sure they asked permission and the email got lost in the cloud. Or something.

Anyway, I think it's cool that you figured out that they were using your scan!

outsidetheberm said...

Agreed; that is your scan! You're wise to them now!

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