Monday, December 17, 2012

4,542 Terms (and Not Done Yet)

I recently completed thesaurusing all of the Disneylanders that I have. The Disneylander was the first regular publication for employees of Disneyland and lessees. I've gone through 44 of these wonderful periodicals quite rigorously, but there are still a few I've not yet laid my eyes upon. These are the Disneylanders I'm after; if anybody can help fill in the gaps (scans would be great), look up my email address in my profile.

February 1957
March 1957
June 1960
September 1960

anything after November 1961 (this is the last one I have, but Backstage Disneyland didn't pick up for about another year, so I am reasonably suspicious that some publication existed for 1962)

As an offering, here are the 4,542 terms that the Disneylander has so far contributed to in the thesaurus. I searched my thesaurus for any time the Disneylander was referenced as the source for a term. That's why you'll notice what look like duplicate entries (such as with the very first terms where a classic Disney animated feature is spelled two different ways). Early publications (and the later Disneyland Line, too) far too often spelled employee names differently in every issue.

101 Dalmatians (animated) (film)
101 Dalmations (animated) (film)
1961 Date Nite
1961 DRC Council Members
1961 Summer Season
1st Annual All-Nite Grad Party
20,000 Leagues (exhibit)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (exhibit)
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (film)
20-Ride Ticket Book
2nd Annual Employee Christmas Party
2nd Annual Valentine Dance Gala Affair (1960)
2nd Annual Western States Pancake Races
34th Hallowe'en Pageant Parade
3rd Anniversary
4th Annual Vaya Con Dios
5th Anniversary
5th Anniversary Dance
5th Annual Holiday Festival
A coupons
A.D.A. (organization)
A.D.A. Dairy Bar
Aasen, Norman
Abbott, Charles
Abbott, Chuck
Aber, Mary
Aboud, Dr. El Mehdi Ben
Accessory Shop
Accounting & Payroll (location) (West Service Area)
Accounting (department)
Accounting Department
Accounting Office
Acosta, Amador
Acosta, Edward
Acosta, Fermin
Acton, Hub
Acton, Hubert W.
Acton, Ken
Acuff, Jack
Acuff, Lee
Acuff, Letha
'Ad' Bldg.
Ad Bldg. (1955-1966)
Ad Building (1955-1966)
Adame, Tony
Adams, David
Adams, Kay
Adams, Lee
Adams, Lois
Adams, Mildred
Adams, Millie
Adams, Norma
Adams, Ralph
Administration (division)
Administration Bldg. (1955-1966)
Administration Building (1955-1966)
Admissions (department)
Adson, Andrew
Adventureland Bazaar
Adventureland Boats
Adventureland operators
Adventureland's Bazaar
Adventures in Science
Advertising (department)
Advertising and Promotion
Aguilar, Claudio
Ainsworth, Lloyd
Akers, Fred
Albert McNeil Choir, The
Albrecht, Wilheim
Albright, M. W.
Albright, Maggie
Albright, Marjorie
Albright, Milt
Albright, Milton W.
Alcorn, Billy Van
Alderson, Bob
Alderson, Martha C.
Alderson, Robert
Alderson, Robert M.
Alegre, Pat
Alexander, Burt
Alexander, Carel
Alexander, Charles
Alexander, Shirley
Alford, A. Howell
Alford, Howie
Alice (attraction) (1958-1982)
Alice in Wonderland (attraction) (1958-1982)
Alice, Mary
Alice-in-Wonderland (attraction)
Allan, George
Allen, Bob (Disney Legend)
Allen, Robert C.
Allman, Norma
Allman, Norma M.
All-Night Graduation Party (1961)
Aloha Dance
Altman, Harold
Alvarado, Abraham
Alvarez, Al
Alvarez, Albert
Alvarez, Albert G.
Alvarez, Benjamin
Alweg Company
Amazon Belle
Ambrozic, Nada
Ambush Rock
Amendt, Alma
Amendt, Fran
Amendt, Joe
Amendt, Ray
American Airlines Office
American Broadcasting Paramount Theaters, Inc.
American Dairy Association
American Motors Circarama Exhibit
American Motors Exhibit
Ammons, David
Amusement Area
Anaheim Annual Hallowe'en Festival
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce
Anaheim, California
Anaheim's 34th Annual Hallowe'en Festival
Andersen, Earl L.
Anderson, Andy
Anderson, Art
Anderson, Charles (1950s-1960s)
Anderson, Charlie
Anderson, Chuck
Anderson, Dwain
Anderson, Earl
Anderson, Flora
Anderson, Flora B.
Anderson, James (1960s)
Anderson, Joyce
Anderson, Ken
Anderson, Lawrence
Anderson, Walter
Angerbauer, Ray
Animation (department)
Animation Mechanics
Anniversary Dance (1960)
Annual DRC Spring Dance (1961)
Annual Employee Christmas Parties
Annual Pancake Race
Annual Valentine Dance (1960)
Anson, Theron
Antonowitsch, Bill
Apple Valley
Applegate, Al
Aquino, George
Aquino, Jimmie Lou
Ara, Leo
Arcade Mechanics
Arce, Fred
Archer, Carl
Archer, Earl
Area Supervisors
Armbruster, T.
Armbruster, Theresa
Armstrong, June
Armstrong, Louie
Armstrong, Robt.
Arnold, Gary
Arpke, Cass
Arpke, 'Cass'
Arrow Development Co.
Art Corner (Fantasyland)
Art Corner (Tomorrowland)
Art Corner, The
art directors
Art Gallery
Art of Animation, The (Tomorrowland)
Arthur, John
Arthur, John F.
Arts and Crafts (store)
Arts and Crafts Shop
Arvon Dale's Band
Arzroundi, Jerry
Arzrouni, Jerry
Ascher, Dorothea
Assels, Caroline
assistant managers
Astronaut Instructors
Atencio, X.
Ater, Jack
Atkins, Judy
Atkisson, Jack
attendance records
Auest, Vera
Aunt Jemima (1955-1962)
Aunt Jemima (walk-around character)
Aunt Jemima Pan Cake Races
Aunt Jemima's (1955-1962)
Austin, Edward
Austin, Leo
Auto Mechanics
Autopia (Fantasyland)
Autopia (Tomorrowland)
Autopia cars
Autopia Freeways
Autopias (attraction)
Avenue of Flags
Averill, Girdwood
Ayers, Jan
Aylesworth, Judith
Ayres, Bev
Ayres, Beverly
Ayres, Jan
Ayriss, Don
B coupons
back stage
'back stage'
Bacon, Carl
Bacon, Lana
Bagby's Wire Rope & Splicing Service
Bagley, Bud
Bahner, Jon
Bailey, Bryce
Bailey, Ginny
Bailey, Stan
Bailey, Stanley E.
Baker, Bryant
Baker, Buddy
Baker, Dianne
Baker, Ermitt
Baker, James W.
Baker, Jim
Baldwin, Guy
Baldwin, Mona
Baldwin, Officer
Ball, Lennie
Ball, Lucille
Ballard, Pat
Ballard, Patricia
Ballentine, Ralph
Ballinger, Linda
Bambi (film)
Band Bldg.
Bandy, Jay
Bandy, Winn
Bangs, Don
Bangs, Margaret
Bangs, Thomas
Bangs, Tom
Bank of America (company)
Bank of America (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Banks, Robert
Barber Shop Quartet
Barber Shop Quartette
Barber, Ernest R.
Barbershop Quartette
Bardeau, Rene
Bardeau, Renie
Barger, Bob
Barker, Bonnie
Barksdale, Tony
Barnard, Shirley
Barnes, Amanda
Barnes, Amanda M.
Barnes, Amata
Barnes, Chris
Barnes, Phyllis
Barnes, Wilbur
Barnett, Pernel
Barnette, Carmen
Barnette, Susan
Barngrover, J. V. Jr.
Barngrover, James
Barngrover, Jim
Barnick, Howard
Barr, Barbara
Barr, Bobbie
Barr, Bobby
Barr, Louise
Barraclough, Jack
Barrs, Jesse
Bartchard, David
Basham, Jeanne
Basham, Jene
Basham, Jere
Bastrup, Elsie
Bates, Gerald
Bathroom of Tomorrow
Bathroom of Tomorrow, The
Bauer, Kay
Bauer, Paul
Bauer, Phil
Bauer, Phillip
Baughey, Pat
Bayley, John
Bazaar (Adventureland)
Beale, Martha
Beale, Martha S.
Beams, Benny
Beamsley, Don
Bean, Ray
Bear Country (film)
Beasley, Charles
Beauty Salon (Disneyland Hotel)
Beaver Valley (film)
Beaver, Bobbie
Beaver, Sandy
Beavers, Hal
Beavers, Maria
Beavers, Marie
Bedes, Dick
Bedes, Richard
Bedes, Richard J.
Beecher, Bonnie
Behnke, Leo
Bekins Van & Storage Co.
Belanger, Joyce
Belanger, Joyce A.
Bell System
Bell System Exhibit
Bell Telephone
Bell Telephone Company
Bell Telephone Exhibit
Bell Telephone Hour (television)
Bell Telephone System
Bell Telephone TV Hour (television)
Bell, James P.
Bell, Jim
Bell, Pamela Rae
Bell, Ronald
Bell, Shirley
Bell, Shirley Mae
Bellah, Samuel F.
Bellinger, Joyce
Belyea Trucking Company
Benefiel, Ernest
Benefiel, Ernest G.
Benke, Frederick
Benke, Gyula
Bennefiel, Benny
Bennett, Lucille
Bennett, Minter
Bennington, C. C.
Benson, Knute
Bereth, Betty
Berman, Shelley
Bernard, Alice
Bero, Alex
Bero, Buddy
Berreth, Betty
Berry, William
Bertrand, Michael F.
Best, Deannie
Best, Jerry W.
Bierman, Albert
Biermann, Judith
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Billings, Esther
Billings, Sam
Birch-bark Lounge
Birdwell, Evelyn
Birdwood, Evelyn
Birdwood, Wally
Bischenauer, Fred
Bissell, Linda
Bissett, Dave
Bittenbrender, H. T.
Bixler, Dallas
Bixler, Virginia G.
Black Bart
Black, Betty
Black, Howard
Black, Millard
Blackburn, Cap
Blackwood, Cecil
Blair, Marianne
Blanchard, Cecelia
Blaney, Mother
Blaney, Mrs.
Blayden, Robert
Bliazes, Pat
Block, Howard
blue prints
Blue Streak Express Train
Blum, Joseph
Blystone Equip. Co.
Boag, Wally
Bobsled (attraction)
Boden, Don
Bodenhoff, H.
Bodenhoff, Henning
Bodner, Don
Boeheke, Ruth
Boehlke, Ruth
Boehm, Avis
Boerner, Paul
Boersma, William
Boettcher, Phyllis
Boiseau, Doyle
Boisseau, Doyle
Boland, James
Boldt, Sue
Bondick, John
Bone Kraft (company)
Bone Yard
Bonney, James R.
Bonney, Russ
Bono, Vince
Book Store (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Boos, Betty
Boos, Helen
Borbon, Manuel
Boren, Howard
Born, Emma Lou
Born, Francis
Born, Lou
Borneman, John
Bottenfield, Gary
Bowen, Keith
Bowling, Edna
Bowman, Joe
Bowman, John
Bowne, George
Bowne, Mary
Bowne, Mary Lee
Boyajaian, Alice
Boyajaian, Chuck
Boyajian, Alice
Boyajian, Charles
Boyajian, Chuck
Boyd, Gary
Boyd, Ida
Boyer, Chuck
Boyer, Josephine
Boyijian, Alice
Boyijian, Chuck
Boyjian, Chuck
Boyner, Paul
Brackman, Joan
Bradley, Dorothy
Brahepedersen, Therese
Brain, Don
Braines, Roy
Brainies, Roy
Brandel, Al
Brandle, Albert
Branies, Roy
Branigan, Vera
Brannon, Robert O.
Bransford, Don
Brashier, Joanne
Brashier, Natalie
Bray, Barbara
Breed, Kirk
Breese, Thomas
Brehm, Roy
Brennen, Alice
Brenner, Lela
Brennin, Mollie
Brians, Barbara
Bridges, James
Brinkman, Imogene
Brinkmeyer, I.
Brinkmeyer, Imogene
Bristol, Ruby
Broakshire, Jinx
Brock, Charley
Broeker, Gale
Broggie, Mike
Broggie, Roger
Brooks, Mildred
Brooks, Patsy
Brooks, Ruth
Brookshire, G.
Brookshire, Genevieve
Browder, Julie
Brown House
Brown, Alan
Brown, Clara
Brown, Dick
Brown, Don
Brown, Donald (Construction & Maintenance)
Brown, Farris
Brown, Farris H.
Brown, Frederick
Brown, Grace
Brown, Jack
Brown, James (Maintenance)
Brown, Lu
Brown, Luther
Brown, Luther L.
Brown, Marlene
Brown, Mina
Brown, Oscar 'Brownie'
Brown, Richard D.
Brown, Robert L.
Brown, Walter
Brown, William
Brownell, Nancy
Brownrig, Carol
Bruce, Bob
Bruce, Doris
Bruce, Rima
Brumage, Ken
Brussels Fair
Brussels' World Fair
Bryant, Farris
Bryden, Howard
Buchner, Teddy
Bucket Brigade
Budd, Kenneth
Buettner, Robert
Bullock, Irene
Buma, Jerry
Bunta, Carolyn
Burk, Gail
Burk, James
Burke, Walter
Burleson, Vee
Burleson, Vinnabel
Burns Detective Agency
Burns Security
Burns, Alex
Burns, La Vell
Burns, Marienne
Burns, Robert
Burson, Vi
Burton, Austin
Busby, Kenneth M.
Butler, Paul
Byles, Russell
Byrne, Wilbur
Byrne, Wilbur, Jr.
C coupons
C. K. Holliday
Cachuela, Remy
Cahill, J. J.
Cahill, Jeanine
Cahill, Jeannine
Cahn, Bob
Cake, Lee
Cake, Lee Worthington
Caldwell, Mabel
Calhoun, David
California State Pancake Finals
Callahan, Dave
Callahan, David
Calleros, Angel
Calvet, Marie
Calvin, Henry
Camblin, Thomas
Camera Shop (1955-1970)
Cameron, Gordon
Cameron, Jerry
Campbell, Ann
Campbell, Dock
Campbell, Florence
Campbell, T.
Campbell, Tom
Candle Shop (1955?-?)
Candlelight Procession of Choirs (1959)
Candy Palace
Canon, Shannon
Cantwell, Susan
Capeloto, Marvin
Capt. Guy
Captain Guy
Caracausa, Marion
Caraway, Dorothy
Carbines, Robert
Carbonnel, Bob
Carden, Bill
Carden, William
Carefree Corner (1956-1985)
Carey, John D.
Carlson, Russ
Carnation (company)
Carnation Co.
Carnation Company
Carnation Ice Cream Parlor
Carnation Main St.
Carnegie, Ed
Carnegie, Edgar J.
Carnegie, Sally
Carolwood-Pacific Railroad
Carona, Tony
Carone, Tony
Carothers, Cliff
Carothers, Clifton
Carpenter, Bill
Carr, Eugene
Carr, Joseph
Carr, Marty
Carroll, Martha
Carrousel (attraction) (1955-1982)
Carroway, Dorothy
Carter, Bernie
Carter, Gary
Carter, Margaret
Carter, Mike
Cartwright, Edward
Cartwright, James
Cartwright, N.
Cartwright, Nancy
Casa de Frito (1956-1982)
Casa de Fritos (1956-1982)
Casavan, Violet
Cascade Peak
Case, Helen
Casey Jr. (attraction)
Casey Jr. trains
Cash and Ticket Department
Cash Control (department)
Cash Control (location)
Cash Control Department
Cash Produce
Cashen, James
Cashen, Jim
Cashero, Frank
Castillo, Leonard
Castle Dungeon
Castle moat
Castle News Services
Castle Rock
Castle Services
Castle, The
Cathcart, Paul
Cathern, Gail
Cathrer, Gail
Catone, John
Catone, John L.
Cearnal, Ann
Cennamo, Gerald
Center St.
Center Street
Central Frontierland Ticket Booth
Ceremony for the Five Millionth Submarine Guest
Chabot, June
Chadwick, Bebe A.
Chaffee, William
Champion, Janet
Champion, Janice
Champion, Steve
Chandler, Jeff
Chapman, Art
Chapman, Arthur
Chapman, Georgia
Chapman, H. C.
Chapman, Harold
Chapman, Paul
Chapman, William
Chappell, Arnold
Chappelle, Carol
Chappelle, Carolyn
Chappelle, Don
Chard, Dick
Chard, Richard
Charlneos, Ken
Charney, Max
Chase, Dale
Chavana, Chuck
Chef's Linen
Chef's Linen Supply
Chef's Linen Supply Company
Chelf, Alice
Chesney, Leo
Chessir, Leeds
Chicken of the Sea
Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship
Chicken of the Sea Restaurant
Chicken Plantation
Chief Shooting Star
Chief Sunrise
Chief White Horse
Chief's Council Tepee
Children's Shop
Chip (walk-around character)
Chittenden, C.
Chittenden, Clint
Chittenden, Clinton
Choate, Bob
Chots, Bob
Chouinard, Mrs.
Chris & Lois Portillo (lessee)
Christmas 1957
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Festival (1956)
Christmas Festival (1959)
Christmas Party (1957)
Christopher, H.
Christopher, Harold
Christopher, Joseph
Ciesluk, Brony
Cinema (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Circarama (attraction)
Circarama (process)
Cisneros, Edward
Cisveros, Ed
City Hall
City Hall Receptionists
Clark, Dick (Cast Member)
Clark, Edwin
Clark, Lois
Clark, Losi
Clark, Michael
Clark, Mickey
Clark, Mike
Clark, P. M.
Clark, Pete
Clark, Peter
Clark, Verlin
Clay, Donald E.
Clement, Jack
Clements, Lynn
Clemmer, Jack
Clermont, James L.
Clowers, Mickey
Clowers, Myles
Clowers, Myles, Sr.
Coan, Shannon
Coats, Claude
Coats, Delores
Cobarrubias, Joe
Cobb, Thora
Coca Cola (company)
Coca Cola Bar
Coca Cola Co.
Coca Cola Company
Cody, Herry
Cody, Jerry
Coeffield, Mary
Coffee Shop (Disneyland Hotel)
Coffey, Tony
Coffield, Mary
Coffield, Mary E.
Coffman, Neva
Cohen, Philip
Coin Shop
Coke (beverage)
Coke Corner
Cole of California (location)
Cole, Florence
Cole, Leon
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Peggy
Coleman, Walter 'Babe'
Coleman, Walter L.
College of the Pacific Band
Collins, Edna B.
Collins, Ward
Collins, Ward J.
Colman, Vince
Coltrin, Mary
Columbia (ship)
Commons, Kent
Community Relations
Conaway, Earl
Conaway, Janice
Concert in the Park
Concours D'Elegance
Congo Queen
Conk, Garry
Conk, Garry F.
Conk, Gary
Conke, Gary
Conliffe, Virginia
Conlon, Norma
Connell, Vera
Conners, Juana
Conners, Ken
Conners, La Juana
Conners, Lajuana
Conners, Paul
Connor, Bill
Connor, William
Connors, La Juana
Connors, Paul
Conover, Mary Ann
Conoway, Earl
Conoway, Jan
Considine, Earl
Constr. & Maint.
Construction & Maintenance
Construction & Maintenance (location) (East Service Area)
Construction (department)
Construction and Maintenance
Construction and Maintenance Division
Construction Division
Conte, Dominic M.
Conte, Don
Conti, Sam
Convention Department
Conway, Earl
Conway, M. W.
Cook, Gerald
Cook, Helen
Cooped, Marion
Cope, James C., Jr.
Cope, Lloyd
Coral Lagoon
Corcoran, Kevin
Cordon, Marta
Cormier, John
Cornelis, Leonard
Corona, Armond
Corona, Laura
Corson, Charles
Corson, Chuck
Cortez, Robert B.
Cotner, Jessie
Cottom, Lucille
Cottom, Lucy
Cottrell, Bill
Coughnor, Ray
Coulson, Betty
Coulson, Bud
Coulson, Cathy
Court Jester
Court Jesters
Cowles, Jessica
Cox, Bob
Cox, Hurley
Crabtree, Don
Crame, Douglas G.
Crame, Gary
Crame, Peggy
Cramer, Cathy
Cramer, Everett
Crane (company)
Crane and Rigging Company
Crane Co. (company)
Crane Co. (exhibit)
Crane Company
Crane Exhibit
Crayne, Virignia
Crews, Fran
Cribbes, M.
Cribbes, May
Cribbes, Scottie
Cribbes, Scotty
Cribbes, William
Cribbs, May
Cribbs, Scotty
Crimmings, Pete
Crimmings, Peter
Crippled Children's Society
Crist, Paul
Critzer, Ron
Croft, Vern
Crooks, Dick
Crosby, Bing (singer)
Cross, Barbara
Cross, Chris
Crouch, Boyd
Crouse, Clyde
Crow, Nelson
Crowell, Edward
Crowell, Ted
Crown Prince Asfo Wosem of Ethiopia
Cruz, Jose
Crystal Arcade
Culhane, John M.
Cullem, Elvon
Cullen, James E.
Cummings, Bob
Cummings, Hal A.
Curnow, Mary
Curran, Loran
Curran, Lou
Curran, Louie
Currier, Charles
Curry, Beverly
Customer Relations
Customer Relations Division
Cutlip, Thelma
Czapla, Gail
D coupons
'D' coupons
D. R. C.
D.R.C. Council
D.R.C. Office
D.R.C. Valentine Dance (1960)
D/L Hotel
D/L Hotel Drug
D/L Jewelry Store
Dagit, Cindy
Dailey, Mayor
Dains, Hank
Dairy Bar
Dairy Day
Dale (walk-around character)
Daley, Don
Dalton, Franklin
Dalton, Juama
Dame, Carol R.
Damore, Mario J.
Dance at the Gourmet
Dance Contest (1961)
Dandee, Earl
Dandee, Earle
Dandi, Earl
Dandie, Earl
Daniel, Leon
Daniel, Robert, Jr.
Dapper Dans
Dapper Dans Quartet
D'Arcy, James 'Jim'
D'Arcy, Jim
Dargan, Charles
dark rides
Darter, Harold
Darwin, Judy
Date Night
Date Night Bands
Date Nite
Date Nite (1958)
Daugherty, Darlene
Daugherty, Rose Marie
Davenport, Alden
Davidson, Russ
Davis, Allan
Davis, Allen
Davis, Carolyn
Davis, F. S. 'Dave'
Davis, Harold G.
Davis, Jack (Viewliner)
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Joe A.
Davis, Marc
Davis, Ruby
Davis, William B.
Davy Crockett Arcade
Davy Crockett Leather Shop
Davy Crockett Museum
Dawson, Alice
'Day at Disneyland' tickets
Day, Octave
Day, Octave I.
Day, Terry
De Castro, Horatio
De Leese, Anthony
De Leese, Tony
De Leon, Rachel
De Montrichard, Count
De Montrichard, Countess
De Naut, Jud
De Ville, Bob
De Villez, Bob
De Villez, Carla
Dean, Stewart
Deavers, Robert L.
Decker, Bette
Decker, Betty
Decker, Howard
Decker, Laurence
dedication ceremonies
Dedication Plaque
Deeley, Denis
Deeley, Dennis
DeFore, Don
DeFore, Joe
DeFore, Verne
DeGonsalar, Alex
DeGonslar, Lance
DeGraffenreid, Dick
Degraffenreid, Robert
Dehlinger, Betty
Deichman, John
Delagran, Jack A.
Delaney, Lee Dora
Delbach, Lili
DeLeon, Rachel
Delfin, Joe
Dembowski, Sig
Demers, Lucian
Demmons, Wes
Demmons, Wesley
Dempsey, Dewey
Denney, C. R.
Denney, Charles R.
Denney, Lt.
Dennis, Chauncey
Dennis, Lois
Denny, Charles
Denny, Charles R.
Denny, Glen
Dept. 20
Derby, George
Derkowski, Joe
Derowski, Joe
Des Plaines, Rina
Desplaines, Rina
Devaney, Michael
Dewey, Thomas E.
DeWolf, Mary
Di Mauro, John
Di Mauro, Johnny
Diaz, Boyd
Diaz, Joe
Dick Winslow and His Musicollegians
Dickenson, Bertha
Dickerson, Diane
Dickerson, George
Dickinson, Bertha
Dieges, Zoerita
Diette, Christine
Dillihunt, Dennis
Dills, Carl
Dinsdale, William
Disc Jockey Night (1961)
Disney characters
Disney Look
Disney Night at the Hollywood Bowl
Disney Room
Disney Studio
Disney, Charles
Disney, Charles H.
Disney, Charlie
Disney, Roy
Disney, Roy (Oliver)
Disney, Roy Edward
Disney, Roy O.
Disney, Walt
Disney, Walter E.
Disneyland & Alweg Monorail
Disneyland & Santa Fe Railroad
Disneyland (theme park)
Disneyland '59 (promotion)
Disneyland Administration Building (1955-1966)
Disneyland After Dark (television)
Disneyland Band
Disneyland Band, The
Disneyland Book Store
Disneyland Branch of the Bank of America
Disneyland Cafeteria (Red Wagon Inn)
Disneyland Carolers
Disneyland Christmas Parade (1959)
Disneyland Comes to the Hollywood Bowl
Disneyland Convention Dept.
Disneyland Date Nighters
Disneyland employees
Disneyland Fire Department
Disneyland Fire Dept.
Disneyland Flight Circle Show
Disneyland Holiday
Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel Barber Shop
Disneyland Hotel Beauty Salon
Disneyland Hotel Drug
Disneyland Hotel Main Lobby
Disneyland Hotel Putting Green
Disneyland Hotel Tower
Disneyland Jewelry Store
Disneyland license plate holders
Disneyland Merchants Association
Disneyland Merchants' Association
Disneyland Merchant's Association
Disneyland Omnibus
Disneyland Park
Disneyland Parking Lot
Disneyland Pen Shop
Disneyland Police Station (Town Square)
Disneyland Recreation Club
Disneyland Recreation Club Council
Disneyland Recreation Club, The
Disneyland Recreation Clubhouse
Disneyland Strawhatters
Disneyland U.S.A.
Disneyland United Fund Campaign
Disneyland, Inc.
Disneyland, Inc. Operations Committee
Disneyland, U.S.A. (film)
Disneyland-Alweg Monorail
Disneyland-Alweg Monorail System
Disneylander (periodical)
Disneylander Committee
Disneylander Magazine
Disneylander, The
Disneyland's Merchants' Association
Division 50
Dixieland at Disneyland (1960)
Dixieland at Disneyland (1961)
Dixieland Strawhatters
Dixon, James
Dixon, Ross
Dodd, Jimmie
Dodd, Rose Ann
Dodge, Bob
Dodge, Dorothy
Doggett, Keith
Dolengewicz, J.
Dolengewicz, John
Dolly, Betty
Dolly, John
Dolmage, Bill
Dominguez, R.
Dominguez, Ron
Dominguez, Ronald
Don and Verne DeFore (lessee)
Donaghey, Ernest
Donaghey, Murel
Donald Duck (character)
Dooley, Gary
Dopper, Jack
Dorris, Marvin
Dorsey, Charles
Douglas, Jamie
Douglas, M.
Draper, Ira
Drapery Dept.
DRC (Recreation Club)
DRC Council
DRC Council members
DRC Spring Frolics Dance (1961)
drinking fountains
Drugstore (Disneyland Hotel)
Drummer, Collie
Drummond, Dale
Drummond, Hubert
Du Fault, Nina
Dubach, Gary
DuBois, Simon
Duckworth, Robert
Duggan, Mary Ann
Duke, Ralph
Dumbo (attraction)
Dumbo (film)
Dumbo Ride
Duncan, Mary Alice
Dunkerson, Grace
Dunlavey, Ann
Dunlavy, Ann
Dunn, A.
Dunn, Stanley
Dunn, Stanley, Jr.
Dunne, Irene
Dunstan, Murin
Dupee, Ruby
DuPont, Joe
Dutt, Louise
Dykeman, Minnie
E coupons
'E' coupons
'E' tickets
E. Center
E. P. Ripley
E. Plaza
Eagelson, Sue
Eagleson, Bonnie
Eagleson, Sue
Ealker, Bert
Earle, Donna
Early, Doris
Earthman, Carole
Eason, Jimmie
Eason, Robert
Easter Parade
Easter Parade (1958)
Easterwood, B.
Easterwood, Bob
Easterwood, Bobby
Easterwood, L.
Easterwood, Lorraine
Eastman Camera Shop
Eastman Kodak
Eastman Kodak Co.
Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman, Robbie
Easton, Chris
Easton, Lella
Echo Falls
Eck, Bob
Ecklund, Stan
Eddy, Jim
Edison Square
Edson, Marcia A.
Edwards, Jane
Ehrman, Mason
Ehrman, Mason L.
Ehrsam, Herb
Ehrsam, Herbert B.
Eichberg, Denny
Ekstein, Fred
El Zocalo
Elder, Fred
Electrical Department
Electrical Dept.
Electrical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance Shop (department)
Electricians (department)
Elger, Marie
Elkins, Arnold
Elliott Bros.
Elliott Bros. Disneyland Date Niters
Elliott Bros. Orchestra
Elliott Brothers
Elliott Brothers Orchestra
Elliott, Barbara
Elliott, Bill
Elliott, Lloyd
Elliott, Orrin
Elmer, Vernal
Elmer, Verral
Ely, Patricia
Employee Cafeteria (Red Wagon Inn)
employee discounts
Employee Party (1960)
Employees Christmas Party (1958)
Employees Saving Plan
Emporium (company)
Emporium, The
End of Summer Dance
End of the Summer Dance (1958)
Engineering Department
Engineering Dept.
English, Cornell
Eno, Dorothy
Enos, Joan
Entringer, G. F.
Entwistle, Bud
Eral, Donna
Erickson, Bob
Erickson, Edward
Erickson, Robert
Erikson, Carl
Erkilet, T.
Ervine, Rhodes
Escape from the Fort
Espy, Royal
Esquival, Antonio
Esquival, Tony
Esquivel, Antonio
Esquivil, Tony
Ettinger, Ed
Ettinger, Edwin
Ettinger, Edwin D.
eucalyptus trees
Eva John Shop
Eva Jon Hawaiian Shop
Eva-John Shop
Evans & Reeves
Evans and Reeves
Evans and Reeves Landscaping
Evans and Reeves Nursery
Evans, Bill
Evans, Claire
Evans, Gil
Evans, Jane
Evans, Ken
Evans, Morgan (Bill)
Evens, Ken
Evenson, Marie
Everett, C. K.
Everett, Wallace
Everist, Joe
Everist, Joseph L.
Everist, Officer
Evgenia, Foust
Excursion Train
Exon, Guy
Faber, Louis
Fabian, Marlene
Faessel, Johnny
Falk, Herman
Fallan, Paul
Fallen, Paul E.
Fantasia (film)
Fantasy in the Sky
Fantasy in the Sky (1958)
Fantasy of Disneyland
Fantasyland Autopia
Fantasyland Carrousel
Fantasyland Castle
Fantasyland Extension
Fardin, Hugo
Faude, Jeanne
Faulkner, Barbara
Faulkner, Robert
Fauntz, Berhl 'Lucky'
Fauntz, Rose
Faust, Mary
Feldcamp, George
Fenenbock, Estelle
Fenenbock, H.
Fenenbock, Henry
Fenske, I.
Fenske, Irene
Ferguson, Jo
Ferguson, Joanne
Ferguson, Ned
Ferguson, Tim
Fiala, Ermete
Fiala, Pietro
Field, Gary J.
Field, Marita
Fields, Fran
Fields, Francis
Fields, Jim
Fields, Mareta
Fifth Annual Employee Party
Fifth Annual Spring Tonics
Fifth Holiday Festival
Filtz, Henry
Filtz, Henry R.
Finance (division)
Finance Division
Finkelhor, Sol
Fire Department
Fire Truck
Firehouse Five Plus Two, The
First Aid (department)
First Annual Holiday Festival
First Annual Parade of the Pumpkins
First Annual Pumpkin Parade
First Annual Sweetheart Dance
first name policy
Fische, June
Fish, James
Fish, Jim
Fisher, Barbara
Fisher, Dee
Fisher, DeForest
Fisher, Eddie
Fisher, Margaret
Fisher, Woody
Fister, Ann
Flack, Thomas
Fletcher, Del Mar
Flight Circle
Flight Circle, The
Flinn, Sylvia
Flohr, Myles
Flood, John
Flores, Abraham
Flores, Leo
Flowers, Patrick
Flowers, Virginia
Floyd, Kathryn A.
Flying Saucer
Flying Saucers
Flymen, Bernie
Foley, Harry
Food Services
Food Services (company)
Food Services, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
Ford, John
Ford, Mel
Ford, Tennessee Ernie
Ford, William
Forest, Mareta (Field)
Forfar, Bob
Forrest, Jim
Forscey, Judith
Forster, Joseph
Forsyth, Frank
Fort Wilderness
Fortner, Bill
Foster, Betty
Foster, Bob
Foster, Don
Foster, Patricia
Foster, Robert
Foster, Thomas
Foster, Tom
Fourth Annual Employee Xmas Party
Fourth Annual Employee's Christmas Party
Fourth Annual Kid's Amateur Dog Show
Fowler, Barry
Fowler, Charlie
Fowler, Chuck
Fowler, Joe
Fowler, Joseph W.
Fowler, Mae
Fowler's Harbor
Fox, Donna
Fox, Marian
Fraley, Roland
Fralin, Howard
France, Van
Francis, Al
Francis, Allan
Francuz, Lou
Francuz, Louie K.
Franklin, Margie
Fred Gurley
Fred Johnson Elec.
Fred Johnson Electric
Frederickson, T.
free shows and exhibits
Freeberg, Carl
Freeburg, Carl
Frees, Paul
Fregoso, Art
Fregoso, Arthur
Freight Train
Freiter, Bob
Frencuz, Louie
Frevert, Linda
Frith, Carl
Frito Co.
Fritos (company)
Frontier Gun Shop
Frontier Leather Shop (1950s)
Frontier Nite
Frontier Traders
Frontier Trading Post
Frontierland Entrance
Frontierland Fort
Frontierland Freight Station
Frontierland River
Frontierland Sheriff
Frontierland Shooting Gallery
Frontierland Station
Frost, Russell
Frost, Rusty
Fry, Make
Fultz, Jim
Fun With the Band
Fun with the Band Night (1961)
Funden, Britt-Louise
Funderburk, Jerry
Funicello, Annette
Furuli, Gertrude
Furull, Trudy
Fuson, Betty
Gabaldon, Bill
Gala Day at Disneyland (film)
Galantine, Eugene
Gale, Warren
Galentine, Eugene
Gallagher, Jack
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Louis
Galle, Richard
Gallegly, Oren
Gambsky, Richard
Gammon, Carla
Garabedian, Joan
Garabenie, Joan
Garabini, Joan
Gardner, Elsie
Gardner, Jan
Gardner, Joe (Guatemalan Weavers)
Garofalo, Ralph
Garrett, Arlene
Garrett, Bob
Garrett, Roger
Garter, Harold
Gartner, Peter R.
Gasch, William
Gause, Joan
Gazebo (Rivers of America)
Gehrls, Arnold
Gehrls, Harvey
Gelker, Randall
General Accounting
General Admission
General Dynamics
General Electric
General Services (Disneyland)
General Services Division
Gentle, Susan
George, Jimmy
Georger, Margaret
Georgi, Ingeborg
Georgian State Dance Company
Gerlach, John
Gerlich, Vivian
Geske, Charles
Gibbs, Ed
Gibbs, Jesse
Gibbs, Jessie
Gibbs, Shot Gun
Gibson, Cecil
Gibson, Cecil E.
Gibson, Hoot
Gibson's Card Shop
gift and memento shops
Gilbert, Mary
Gilbert, Mary A.
Gilbert, Michael
Gilbert, Mike
Gillespie, Ray
Gillette, Harvey
Gillingham, P. A.
Gilman, Robert
Glass Shop
Glendening, G.
Glendening, George
Glendenning, George
Glendennon, George
Globe Ticket
Gloistein, Larry
Goddard, Darrell
Goddard, Otis L.
Goforth, Denny
Goldberg, Mark
Goldberg, Ronald
Golden '20' Book
Golden Horseshoe
Golden Horseshoe (location)
Golden Horseshoe (show)
Golden Horseshoe Girls
Golden Horseshoe Orchestra
Golden Horseshoe Review (show)
Golden Horseshoe Revue
Golden Horseshoe 'Saloon'
Golden Horseshoe, The
Gomez, Stan
Gomez, Stanley
Gonzales Trio
Gonzales, Arturo
Gonzales, Frank
Gonzales, Leonard
Gonzales, Lupe
Gonzalez Duo
Gonzalez Trio
Gonzalez, Carmen
Gonzalez, Edward
Gonzalez, Lupe
Good, Jo Ann
Good, Joanne
Goodacre, Harry
Goodman, Doreen
Goodnough, Jim
Goodwin, Eloise
Gordon Mitchell's Crown City Jazz Band
Gorney, Paul
Gorski, Joseph J.
Goss, Rachel
Gossett, Jo Anne
Gossett, Joan
Gossett, Joanne
Gottfried, Robert
Goudeau, Shelby
Gough, Betty
Goughnour, C. M.
Goughnour, Ray R.
Gourmet (company)
Gourmet (restaurant)
Gourmet Bar
Gourmet Lounge
Gourmet personnel
Gourmet Restaurant
Gourmley, Mary
Gracey, Yale
Grad Nite Party (1961)
Grand Canyon (diorama)
Grand Canyon Diorama
Granger, Earl
Grave Yard of Lost Ships
Graves, William
Graveyard of Sunken Ships
Gray, Don
Gray, E. Donley
Gray, John
Gray, Judy
Greatrex, Jody
Green, Altus L.
Green, Arthur
Green, Le Roy
Green, Vic
Greene, Leroy
Greene, Vic
Greenwood, John
Gregg, Cecil
Grice, Brooksie
Grills, Albert
Grinstead, K. E.
Grinstead, Ken
Grisanti, Dan
Grisanti, Raul
Grist Mill
Grounds Maint.
Group Insurance (department)
Group Sales (department)
Group Sales Department
Group Services
Gruenemay, Diane
Grundy, Cliff
Grunwald, Rudolph
Grunwald, Rudy
Gryner, William
Guadan, Pete
Guatemalan Shop
Guatemalan Weavers
Guest Personality Nite
Guest Relations (department)
guide books
Guide Booth (Adventureland)
Guided Tours
Guilfoyle, Glenda
Gunn, Dave
Gunter, Josephine
Gurley, Fred C.
Gurley, Fred G.
Gurr, Bob
Gutbrod, George
Gutbrod, John
Gutierrez, Carlos
Haase, Ray
Haberli, John
Hackbarth, Wm.
Hackney, Paul
Hagman, Al
Hahne, Charles E.
Hahne, Linda (Frevert)
Hahne, Tim
Halderman, C.
Halderman, Dick
Halderman, Richard
Hale, Richard
Halfacre, Walter
Hall Brothers
Hall of Chemistry
Hall, Dave (Pendleton)
Hall, Lillian (1960s)
Hallmark (company)
Hallmark Cards (lessee)
Hallmark Cards' Communications Center
Hallmark Communications Center
Hallowe'en Dance (1959)
Hal's Richfield
Halverson, June
Ham, F. R.
Ham, Francis
Ham, Virgil
Hamilton, C.
Hamilton, Ward
Hammal, Pat
Hammel, Claire
Hammel, Pat
Hammesfahr, George
Hamp, Ruth
Hancock, Roy
Hank, Cecelia
Hankins, Phyllis
Hanlon, John
Hanlon, John J.
Hanna, Robert
Hannaford, Charles
Hannaford, Chuck
Hannerford, Chuck
Hansen, Frank
Hansen, Vera
Hansmann, Walt
Hanson, Clifton
Hanson, Dick
Hanson, Ralph
Hanson, Terri
Hanson, Vera
Hanssen, Merry
Happiest Place on Earth
Happiest Place on Earth, The
Harbor Blvd.
Harbor Blvd. Time Clock House
Harbor Boulevard
Harbor Gate
Harbor St. entrance
Hardy, Eleanor
Hargrave, Mrs. Thomas
Hargrave, Thomas
Harkness, Harold
Harman, James E.
Harmon, Beatrice
Harmon, Janice
Harmon, Vaughn
Harper, Ruth
Harper, Tom
Harrigan, John E.
Harriman, Charles
Harrington, Bud
Harrington, Jimmie
Harris, Ben
Harris, Leroy
Hart, Pat
Hartley, Betty (Shea)
Hartley, Betty Shea
Harvey, Michael
Harvey, Phil
Harvey, Philip
Harvey, Stan
Harvey, Thomas F.
Hatcher, Don
Hatfield, Carl
hats (merchandise)
Haucks, Nelson
Haught, James
Haught, Jim
Haunted House
Haunted House, The
Hausey, Olavine
Havener, Doris
Hawaiian Trio
Hawkins, Garnet
Hawks, Nelson
Hayes, Maurice
Hayward, John
Hebert, Lionel
Hedley, Eli
Heide, Carlo
Heidel, Herman
Heideman, Frank (Sr.)
Heidemann, Bill
Heidemann, Frank (Sr.)
Hein, Jim
Held, Ray
Heldt, Eleanor
Heliport (Tomorrowland)
Heminger, Ron
Heminger, Ronald
Hemmendinger, R.
Hempel, Evelyn
Hemsley, Barbara
Hench, John
Henderson, Chuck
Henderson, Pat
Henderson, Pete
Henderson, Ralph
Henderson, Ruthie
Hendrix, Evelyn
Hennessey, John M.
Henry Old Coyote
Hensel, Clarence
Hensen, Gloria
Hensley, Deriss
Hensley, Derris
Hermann, Jean
Hernandez, E.
Herring, Mary D.
Herringer, Ed
Herringer, Edward
Herron, Dorothy
Herron, Marlene
Hetzel, Janet
Heupel, Evelyn
Hewitt, Sarah Ann
Heyl, Marcia
Heyne, Carol
Hibbard, Dick
Hibbard, Richard
Hibler, Winston
Hicks, Al
Hicks, Bill
Hicks, Franklin
Hicks, Glenn
Hicks, William D.
Higby, Don
Higdon, Claude
Higgins, Clarice
Hight, Alan
Hight, Bob
Hight, Bobby
Hight, Robert
Hill, Clint
Hill, Clint W.
Hill, Clyde
Hill, Madeline
Hill, Madeline T.
Hill, Madelyn
Hills Bros. (company)
Hills Bros. (restaurant)
Hills Bros. Coffee
Hills Bros. Coffee Shop
Hills House
Hines, Dorcey
Hines, Patrick T.
Hinkel, John
Hinkle, John
Hinkle, Sharon
Hinze, Don
Hirsch, Al
Hitchman, Peggy
Hlista, Rudy
Hobbs, Inez
Hobbs, Sandra
Hobby Shop
Hobby Stand
Hobbyland Stand
Hockenberry, Bob
Hodge, Dorothy
Hodge, Dottie
Hodge, Dotty
Hoelscher, Bill
Hoelscher, Billie
Hoferitza, Mike
Hoffelmeir, Cecile
Hogue, Anne
Holderbau, Criss
Holiday Land
Holiday Land Picnic Committee
Holiday Park
Holidayland (department)
Holidayland Parking Lot
Holiway, Virginia
Holland, Homer
Holliday, Charles
Holliday, Helen
Holliday, Helen C.
Holliday, Irene
Holliday, Ray
Hollywood All-Stars
Holmes, Dale
Holmes, Marge
Holscher, Bill
Holsher, Billy
Holzwarth, C.
'Home of Disneyland' license plate holders
Homer, Pete
Hoover, Jim
Hope, Bob
Hopkins, Ronnie
Hore, Henry
Horseless Carriage Day (1957)
Horseless Carriages
Horseshoe Revue
Horte Van
Hortie-Van Decorating Co.
Hortie-Van Mfg. Co.
Horvath, Steven
Hosts and Hostesses
Hotel Children's Shop
Hotel personnel
Hotel Tower
Hotel Toy Shop
Houck, Jeanie
Houck, Marlene
Houck, Robert
House of Tomorrow
Houtchens, Jeanne
Hovey, Burns
How, Barbara
Howard, Harry
Howard, Katherine R.
Howlingerane, James
Hoxie, Bob
Hoxworth, Carl
Hoyt, Bob
Huck's Landing
Huda, Syed R.
Hudson, Jim
Huerta, Eliseo
Huey, Keith
Huey, Keith D.
Huff, Arlene
Huff, Ginnie
Huff, Ginny
Huff, Virginia
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, R.
Hughes, Raleigh
Hughes, Raleigh W.
Hughes, Rawleigh
Hulse, Art
Hulse, Arthur
Hume, Jim
Humeston, Floyd O.
Humphries, Mary
Hunt, Stephen
Hunt, Wesley
Huntington, J.
Huntington, James
Huntington, Vernon
Hurlbet, Jannae
Hurley, Pat
Hurst, Bea
Hurst, Herky
Hurst, Jerry
Hurst, Jerry L.
Hust, Ila
Hutcheson, Larry
Hutcheson, Larry 'Hutch'
Hutcheson, Pat
Hutcheson, Patricia
Hutchinson, Larry
Hutton, Bruce
Hyman, Milt
ice cream carts
identification cards
Ikemi, Jean
Ilgen, Harley
Inchausti, Louie
Indian Joe's Cave
Indian Store
Indian Village (attraction)
Indian Village, The (attraction)
Indian War Canoes
Ingraham, Rima
Injun Joe's Cave
institutional lessees
Insurance Companies of America, The
Insurance Companies of North America
Insurance Company of North America
Irvine, Dick
Irving, Ralph
Irzyk, Joe
Island Trade Store
Jackson, Donna
Jackson, Joyce
Jackson, Opal
Jackson, Pat
Jackson, Patricia
Jacobi, Charles
Jacobs, Ed
Jade Barbers
Jaime, Pat
Jakle, Suzanne
Jalowiec, Walt
Jalowiec, Walter
James I. Barnes Construction Company
James, Bette
Jams & Jellies
Jams and Jellies
Janitorial Department
Janitorial Service
Jarnczyr, Stanley
Jaronczyr, Stan
Jeffries, E. W.
Jemrocks (company)
Jenkins, Robert
Jenkins, Walt
Jensen, Clifton E.
Jewelry Shop
Jewelry Store
Jim Sexton and his Band
Johannsen, Bill
Johanson, Bill
Johf, Edna
John, Hamilton
Johnny Ukelele's Hawaiian Trio
Johnson, Bobby
Johnson, Bobby A.
Johnson, Carmen
Johnson, Cecil
Johnson, Dick
Johnson, Floyd
Johnson, Fred
Johnson, Harv
Johnson, Harvey
Johnson, Howard
Johnson, Jo
Johnson, John E.
Johnson, Johnie
Johnson, Johnnie
Johnson, Judy
Johnson, Lavonne
Johnson, Lyle
Johnson, Rick (Merlin's Magic Shop)
Johnson, Ronnie (1960s)
Johnson, Victor L.
Johnston, Carmen
Joice, James W.
Jolly, Lawrence
Jones, Bep
Jones, Bob
Jones, Doyle
Jones, Judy
Jones, Len
Jones, Leonard
Jones, Louis
Jordan, Claudia
Jordan, Howard
Jordan, Howard V.
Jr. Autopia
Jungle (attraction)
Jungle Boat Ride
Jungle Cruise
Jungle Ride
Jungle River
Jungle River Boats
Jungle River Cruise
Jungle Rivers of the World
Junior Autopia
Jurado, Barbara
Jurisch, Charles
Justice, Bill
Kaelin, Steve
Kaiser Aluminum
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp.
Kaiser Aluminum Exhibit
Kaiser Aluminum Pig
Kaiser Exhibit
Karam, Joe
Karam, Martha
Kasper, Bobby 'Squaires'
Katella Auto Entrance
Katella Avenue
Katleman, Mickey
Katz, Dave
Kauffman, Linda
Kaufman, Vic
Kay, John
Keady, Sylvia
Kean, Del
Kean, Delbert
Keel Boats (attraction)
Keel Boats (vehicles)
Keene, Delbert
Keene, Thomas F.
Keene, Tom
Kefauver, Estes
Kehoe, Jack
Keihle, Bryant
Keihle, Bryant 'Wally'
Keihle, Wally
Keipans, Aldis
Kelley, Lorene
Kelley, Victor
Kelly, Bob
Kelly, Lorene
Kemeny, Lillian
Kemeny, Marvin
Kemp, Dorothy
Kempf, Derry
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Marc
Kenney, James
Kenney, Lt.
Kenney, M.
Kenney, Marvin
Kenney, Matt
Kenny, Matthew R.
Kenyon, Janice M.
Keppler, Charles
Kerly, Gordon
Kerr, Lowell
Ketchem, Michael
Kibler, Dave
Kid's Amateur Dog Show
Kiesling, Carl
Killefer, John
Killion, Lynda
Killte, Bill
Kilman, Al
Kilpatrick, K.
Kilpatrick, Mel
Kim, Matthew
Kimball, Dana
Kimbell, Pat
King Baudouin of Belgium
King Hussein of Jordan
King Mohammed of Morocco
King, Jerome
King, Jerry
King, Mary Jane
King, Shelia
Kinses, Marian
Kinsey, Albert R.
Kinslar, Nancy
Kinsler, Nancy
Kirk, Geri
Kirk, Mary
Kirk, Tommy
Kirkconnel, T.
Kirkconnel, T. J.
Kirkpatrick, Mel
Kitchell, Jack
Kledzik, Ken
Kline, Tiny
Knauff, Anthony
Knauff, Tony
Knecht, Ray
Knecht, Raymond
Knibb, Joann
Knifecheif, John
Knight, Charlotte
Knight, Chuck
Knight, Dixie
Knight, Goodwin
Knight, Goodwin J.
Knight, Governor
Knight, Harry
Knight, Willis M.
Knott's Berry Farm
Koenig, Cardinal Franz
Koeppel, Charlie
Kohl, James
Kohl, Jim
Kohler, Ken
Kohler, Kendall
Kohler, Ray
Kohn, William J.
Komara, Ray
Kona, Dan
Kona, Daniel
Korgal, Alex
Korgel, Alex
Korgol, Alex
Korgol, Alexander
Korgol, Mildred
Korgol, Millie
Korn, Dick
Korn, Richard
Kottke, Donna
Kovaletz, Frank
Kowal, Frank
Kozain, Norma
Kramer, Stan
Kranovich, Mary
Kraus, Henry
Krause, Gloria
Krauss, Jack
Krauth, Patricia
Kreft, Jim
Krna, Rudolph
Kropf, Mike
Kropp, Milton
Kruip, Gerald
Kruip, Jerry
Krysinski, Richard
Kuchel, Thomas
Kummer, Millard
Kuntze, George
Kuri, Emile
Kurie, Emile
Kurz, Jimmie
Kurz, Jimmy
Kuykendall, Ann
La Fortune, Russ
La Fortune, Stan
La Fortune, Stanis
La Rochelle, Al
La Rochelle, Alfred W.
La Vere, Charles
La Vere, Charley
Laarss, Willie
Laarss, Willy
Labor Relations (department)
Laborers (department)
LaFortune, Stan
Laird, Horace
Lake, Barbara
Lammond, Britt
Lancers, Doris
Lancieri, Doris
Landers, Bernie
Landier, George
Landscaping (department)
Landscaping Department
Lane, Bill (Puffin)
Lang, Frank
Larsen, Ruthe D.
Larson, Bert
Larson, Martin
Latin Imports
Latin Imports Shop
Lauer, Casey
Lauer, Dorcas
Lavallee, Richard
Lavallie, Dick
LaVere, Charles
LaVere, Charlie
Lavin, Jack
Laws, Bill
Laws, William
Lawson Eng
Lawson Engineering
Lawson Engineering Co.
Le Febvre, George
Lea, Geraldine
Leach, Dorothy
Leach, Jess
Leard, Ronald
Leather Goods Shop
Leavitt, Art
Leayer, Suzy
Ledesma, Ernest
Lee Brothers
Lee William's Men's Shop
Lee Wilson Men's Shop
Lee Wilson's Men's Shop
Lee, Ann
Lee, David
Lee, Jack
Lee, Lewis
Lee, Walter
Leevan, Harold L.
Lefebvre, Geo
Lefebvre, George
Lefebvre, Naydne
Legal (department)
Legal Department
Legal Dept.
Legg, P.
Legg, Paul
Leggett, J. D.
Legy, Paul
Lemcke, Eberhard
Lemcke, Eberhardt
Lemke, Warren
Lemmon, Doc
Leoni, Joe
Leopaldi, Jerry
Leppert, Jack
lessee employees
Lessee Liaison (department)
lessee organizations
Lessee Relations
Lewis Balloons
Lewis, Alyene
Lewis, Aylene
Lewis, Dudley
Lewis, Eugene
Lewis, Eula
Lewis, Harriet
Lewis, Jerry
Lewis, Kathy
Lewis, Nell
Ley, Willy
Leyer, Suzy
Lezader, Susie
Liberty Street
Liebich, Madeline
Liebich, Madelline
Lierle, Linda
Light, Gloria
Liles, Joy
Lilly Belle (Carolwood Pacific)
Lindbeck, Penni
Lindberg, Nels
Lindholm, Charles
Lindholm, Chuck
Lindquist, Jack
Lindsay, Ruby
Lindsey, James
Lindsey, Jim
Lindsey, Ruby
Lineberry, Curt
Lineberry, Curtis
Linkletter, Art
Lippe, Ralph
Lisitsian, Pauvil
Little Arrow
Living Desert, The (film)
Lloyd, Becky
Lobo, Laura
Locke, Bill
Locke, William
Locke, William L.
Locker Service
Logan, John
Logan, Tom
Loggia, Robert
Logston, Eva
Lohman, Rose
Long, Bill (lessee personnel)
Long, Bobbie
Long, Clarence
Long, Dwight
Long, Leo
Long, Lionel
Long, Ronnie
Long's Jewelry Store
Lonnie, George
Loonie, George
Lopp, Kermit
Lopp, Kermit R.
Lore, Mona
Lorea, Judy L.
Lorton, Leonard
Losh, Wendell
Losh, Wendy
Losh, Windy
Lost and Found (location) (?-1965?)
Lost and Found (service)
Lost Children (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Loveless, Hershal
Lowry, Morris
Loy, Helen
Loy, Helen M.
Lozano, Frank
Lubke, Wayne E.
Luhmann, Rose
Luhmann, Rose Marie
Lukowich, Lee
Luzader, Susie
Lyles, Marvin
Lyles, Meg
Lyles, Mig
Lyles, Omega
Lynn, Pat
Mac Donald, Bob
Mac Glashan Guns
MacCrane, Charles
MacCrone, Charles
MacGlashan Guns
Machernis, John
Machine Shop (department)
Mack, Dianne
MacKeown, Ray
MacMurray, Fred
MacPherson, B.
Mad Hatter (walk-around character)
Mad Hatters
Maddock, Pat
Madhatters (Tomorrowland)
Madison, Shirley
Madrid, Lupe
Madrid, Lupe Q.
Mae, Jerry
Magic Key Books
Magic Key Ticket Book
Magic Kingdom (California)
Magic Kingdom Club
Magic Kingdom Club (department)
Magic Kingdom Club cards
Magic Kingdom of Disneyland
Magic Kingdom, The
Magic Land Toy Shop
Magic Shop (Fantasyland)
Magic/Land Toy Shop
Magnolia Park
Mahoney, Tommy
Mail Room (department)
Mail Room and Printing Dept.
Maimbourg, Les
Main Entrance (location)
Main File (department)
Main Files (department)
Main Gate (department)
Main Gate (location)
Main Gate Ticket Booths
Main Gate Ticket Sellers
Main Lobby (Disneyland Hotel)
Main St.
Main St. Flower Market
Main St. Magic Shop
Main St. Omnibus
Main St. Station
Main St. U.S.A.
Main St., U.S.A.
Main Street
Main Street Band
Main Street Cinema
Main Street Depot
Main Street Guide Booth
Main Street Horse Cars
Main Street Jewelry Shop
Main Street Pharmacy
Main Street Train Station
Main Street U.S.A.
Main Street Vehicles
Main Street, U.S.A.
Maint. and Constr.
Maintenance (division)
Maintenance Department
Maintenance Division
Maintenance Electricians
Maintenance Gardeners
Maintenance Painters
Malden, Karl
Maley, Millie
Mallonee, Bette
Malmstem, Al
Malmstem, Allen
Malone, Carl
Malsom, Ray
Malson, Ray
Malson, Roy
Malt Shop
Malt Shoppe
Manes, D.
Manes, Dorothy
Mangrum, Lettie
Mangrum, Mary
Mangrum, Sid
Mann, Louie
Manning, Carolee
Mannos, Peter
Marberry, Joe
Marberry, Joe D.
Marfield, Dwight
Marinkovich, Chas.
Marinkovich, F.
Marinkovich, Fran
Marinkovich, Frances
Marino, Stephen
Mark (boat)
Mark I Autopia cars
Mark Twain
Mark Twain Dock
Mark Twain Riverboat
Mark Twain Steamboat
Mark V Autopia cars
Mark, Mary
Marker, T. J.
Marks, Sherman
Markwith, Harold
Marotta, Violet
Marsaudon, Flory
Marsavdon, Flory
Marsh, Judy
Marsh, Patricia
Marshall Lucky
Marshall, Linda
Marsten, Richard
Marston, Dick
Martin, Bill (Imagineer)
Martin, J. A., Jr.
Martin, James
Martin, John (1960s)
Martin, John G.
Martin, Juanita
Martin, Laura
Martin, Nita
Martin, Rudolph
Martin, Thelma
Martindale, Linda
Martines, Frank
Martinez, Arlene
Martinez, Jack
Martinez, Joe
Martinez, Oscar
Martinez, Ray (Roundhouse)
Masella, Angelo
Masella, Angie
Maslak, Stanley
Masselo, Angie
Massey, Robert
Masters, Rip
Matheison, Bob
Matheison, Robert
Matos, Juan Francisco Torres
Matterhorn (attraction)
Matterhorn (mountain)
Matterhorn Bobsled
Matterhorn Bobsleds
Matterhorn Mountain
Matterhorn Mountain Bobsleds
Matthews, Alice
Matthews, Elwyne
Matthews, Toby
Matty Matlock and His Dixieland All-Stars
Mauer, Jack
Maulson, Ray
Maurer, Jack
Maxwell House (restaurant)
Maxwell, Ernie
Maxwell, Milo
May, Dick
May, John
May, John F.
May, John J.
May, Richard L.
Mayan, Lou
Mayeda, Jane
Mazanec, Emil
Mc Graw, Tom
Mc Intyre, Bruce
McAuley, Charlotte
McAvoy, Jack
McBroom, Robert
McCain, Jack
McCarthy, Jessie
McCashin, Howard
McClaskey, Tom
McClean, Roy
McClease, Delbert 'Pat'
McClease, Jack
McClease, Pat
McClease, 'Pat'
McCloskey, Len
McClymont, Gordon
McClymont, Gordy
McComb, Joel
McCormick, Pat
McCue, Ann
McCulloch, Bonnie
McCulloch, James
McCullum, Ginger
McCumiskey, H.
McCumskey, Harold
McCurry, James
McCurry, Jim
McDaniels, Gene
McDonald, Bob
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Roger 'Tombstone'
McDowell, Griffin
McFadden, Eve
McFaden, Eve
McFarley, Ruth
McGalliard, F.
McGill, Al
McGill, Molly
McGlashon Air Guns
McGowan, Donna
McGraw, Tom
McGuire, Fred
McGuire, Vincen B.
McHone, Ardith V.
McJordan, Jerry
McJunkin, Clyde
McKee, Anita
McKenna, Mike
McKeown, Mike
McKeown, R.
McKeown, Ray
McLaughlin, Ed
McLaughlin, Whit
McMahan, Henry
McMann, William
McMasters, T.
McMasters, Travis
McMinn, June
McMurtrey, Calvin
McNealey, Wm.
McNell, Charlotte
McNell, Frank
McNicholas, Gene
McPherson, Reece
McReynolds, Max
Meader, Henry
Meader, Henry Carl
Means, George
Meck, Ed
Meck, Eddie
Meck, Edward T. (Eddie)
Medina, Tony
Meeks, Claude, Jr.
Mefford, Robert
Meier, Leonard
Meister, B. S.
Meister, Ben
Meldrum, Joyce
Melton, Ted
Memorial Day weekend 1958
Men From Outer Space
Mendoza, Gerrard
Mendoza, Joe
Mendoza, Manuel
Men's Wardrobe
Merchandise Division
Merchandising (division)
Merchandising Division
Merchandising employees
Merchants Ass'n
Merchants Association
Merlin's Magic
Merlin's Magic Shop
Mermaids (live)
Merriman, Tom
Merry-go-round Rock
Mesella, Angie
Meskell, Patricia
Metal Shop (department)
Metzinger, Louise
Mexican Mart
Mexican Trio
Mexican Village
Meyers, George
Meyers, Lucille
Meyers, Pollie
Meyers, Shirley
Mickey Mouse (character)
Mickey Mouse (walk-around character)
Mickey Mouse balloons
Mickey Mouse Club Circus
Mickey Mouse Theater
Mickey Mouse Theatre
Midget Autopia
Milek, Bob
Milek, Robert
Milek, Robert M.
Miles, Bob
Mill (department)
Mill (location)
Mill (location) (Opera House)
Millar, David
Miller, Bill (Cast Member)
Miller, Curtis
Miller, Diane
Miller, Elliott
Miller, Henry
Miller, Jean
Miller, John
Miller, Larry
Miller, Lawrence
Miller, Lulu
Miller, Lulu S.
Miller, Mary
Miller, Ray
Miller, Russ
Miller, Shirley
Miller, Tommie
Millington, Frank
Mills, Bob
Mills, Charlotte
Mills, Chuck
Mills, George
Mills, George, Jr.
Mills, Hayley
Mills, John
Millsap, Gerald
Millsap, Gerry
Milne, John
Milner, Barbara
Mine Ride (Nature's Wonderland)
Mine Ride (Rainbow Caverns)
Mine Train (Nature's Wonderland)
Mine Train (Rainbow Caverns)
Mineral Hall
Minick, Bob
Minnie Mouse (walk-around character)
Minor, Jane
Miramontes, B.
Miranda, Leo
Mitchell, 'Mitch'
Mitchell, T. J. 'Mitch'
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, Tom
Mitchell, Tom (Mitch)
Mixon, Viola
Miyamoto, Bob
Mock, Louise
Modica, Paula
Modica, Pauline L.
Mohammed Bin Talal, Crown Prince of Jordan
Mohammed V, King of Morocco
Monk, Ronald
Monk, Ronnie
Monnig, Margie
Monorail (Disneyland-Alweg)
monorail beamway
Monorail Shed
Monorail Shop Building
Monorail System (Disneyland-Alweg)
Monorail trains
Monroney, Mike
Monsanto (company)
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Monsanto Chemical Company
Monsanto Exhibit
Monsanto House of the Future
Monsanto 'House of the Future'
Monsanto's House of the Future
Monsanto's House of Tomorrow
Monstro the Whale (Storybook Land)
Montgomery, Ben
Montgomery, Bob
Moon Ride
Mooney, Kathleen Diane
Moore, Andy (1950s)
Moore, Ann
Moore, Bob (Merchandising)
Moore, Delores
Moore, Dolores
Moore, Paul H.
Moore, Robert (Paint Department)
Moreno, Lucy
Moreno, Lydia
Moreno, Refugio
Moreno, Sebastian
Morgan, Ed
Morgan, Glynn A.
Morgan, Hal
Morgan, Halsey
Morgan, Halsey W.
Morley, Ed
Morlina, Gilbert
Morris, Joe
Morris, Melba
Morris, Shirley
Morrison, Bud
Morrison, Geneva
Morrison, Ginny
Morrison, Gneva
Morrison, Ralph
Morrow, Audrey
Morse, Linda
Morse, Linda L.
Moshenko, Gay
Mosholder, Ken
Mosier, Carole
Moss, Frances
Motley, Jack
Motor Boat Cruise
motor boats
mountain climbers
Mowry, Don
Mowry, Donald
Mowry, Edith C.
Moyer, Posie
Moyer, William
Mr. Toad (attraction) (1955-1982)
Mr. Toad Ride
Mr. Toad's Ride
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (1955-1982)
Mungari, Thomas
Munn, Bob
Munn, Robert
Munyon, Harold
Muraschia, Seraphin G.
Muriello, Kathy
Murphy, Tom
Murray, Ivy
Murray, Ken (Security)
Murray, Kenneth
Musachia, S.
Musachia, Seraphin
Muselin, Mary
Musselman, Harold
Myers, Gordon
Myers, Mac
Myhoe, Kathy
Nabbe, Charles
Nabbe, Charles T.
Nabbe, Chuck
Nabbe, Tom
Nada, Ambrozic
Nagel, Bud
Nagel, Howard
Nagle, Bud
Namur, Ken
Nance, Shirley
Nanci, Agostino
Narath, Art
Narath, Arthur V.
Narath, Dean
Nat Lewis Enterprises
Nature's Wonderland
Nature's Wonderland (attraction)
Navarro, Lorraine
Navarro, Vilit
Neece, Lana
Neeley, Doug
Neely, Doug
Neese, Betty
Neff, Darlene
Neimeyer, Al
Neinast, Herb
Neinast, Mel
Neinast, Officer
Nellie Bellie (pony)
Nelson, Fred
Nelson, Gene
Nelson, Shirley
Nelson, William
Nesbitt Fruit Products, Inc.
Nevison, Barbara
New Orleans Area
New Orleans Square
New Year's Eve Party
New Year's Eve Party (1959)
Newcomb, F. H.
Newcomb, Fred
Newland, Bonnie
Newton, Jack
Newton, Marilyn
Nichols, Charles
Nichols, Charlie
Nicholson, Douglas
Nickel, Walt
Nickerson, Cliff
Nickols, Charlie
Nieblas, John
Niemeyer, Al
Niemeyer, Alfred
Nienmeyer, Al
Nile Princess
Niles, Carole
Nixon, Richard M.
Nordby, Jerry
Norman, Don
Norman, Louis
Norris, Walt
Norte, C.
Norte, Carlos
North Phoenix High School Band
Norton, Wanda
Notaro, Alfonso
Notaro, Valentino
Novis, Don
Novis, Donald
Nowicki, Wally
Nugent, James A., Jr.
Nugent, Joe
Nunis, Dick
Nunis, Richard
Nunis, Richard A.
Nunnelly, Guy
Nyman, Gene
Oak Tavern
Oaks Tavern
Oborn, Vivian
O'Brian, Jack
Obrien, Maurice L.
O'Bryan, Deanna
O'Bryant, Emma
O'Connor, Donald
O'Connor, James
O'Connor, Pat
Oder, Glenn
Odom, Thelma
Odom, Travis
O'Hara, Maureen
Okeefe, Emily
Oliver, Norris
Olmsted, John V.
Olsen, Jack
Olsen, Thomas
Olson, Jack
Olson, Milton
Olson, Milton S., Jr.
Olson, 'Stu'
O'Malley, Dennis
O'Malley, Phyllis
O'Malley, Phyllis J.
O'Malley, Terry
Oman, John
On Stage
Ontiveros, Juan
Opening Day
Opera Bldg.
Opera House
Operations (location) (Cash Management Building)
Operations and Wardrobe
Operations Cash Control-Wardrobe Builidng
Operations Division
Operations Supervision
Operations-Wardrobe Building
Orange County Youth Band
orange groves
Oreen, Maggie
Orinoco Adventuress
Orlando, Samuel
Orosco, Mickey
Orosco, Mickey M.
Orr, Vernon
Orren, Maggie
Orren, Margaret
Orrick, Dan
Orrick, Ellie
Orrick, Eloise
Orrick, Michael
Orrick, Mike
Ortega, Artie
Ortiz, Janet
Osborn, John
Osborn, Larry
Osborn, Vivian
Osborne, John
Osborne, Victor
Oshaben, Marie
Ostrom, Cecil
O'Toole, Jim
Otto, Gunter
Otto, Margret
Ouellet, Cecile
Outdoor Shooting Gallery
Owenby, Jay
Owens, Barbara
Owens, Ed
Owens, Irene
Ownby, Jay
Owston's Floor Covering
P.B.X. girls
Pace, C. J.
Pace, Clarence
Pace, Lloyd
Pack Mule (Nature's Wonderland)
Paculba, Edmond
Padilla, Richard
Padula, Jackie
Padula, Jacqueline
Page, Clarence
Page, John
Paint Crew (department)
Paint Department
Paint Dept.
Paint Shop (department)
Paint Shop (location)
Paint Shop Office
Painted Desert
Painters (department)
Palmblade, Eleanor
Palmer, Keith
Palmer, Lee
Palombo, Beverly
Palomino, Roy
Papel, Phil
Papp, Betty
Paquette, Jean
Paquin, Winnie
Parburg, Lillian
Pardue, James (Tex)
Park employees
Park hours
Park Operations Committee
Park, Jerry
Parker, Buck
Parker, Clarence
Parker, Cleo
Parker, Fess
Parker, Jan
Parker, Kathy
Parker, Louise
Parker, Maureen
parking attendants
Parking Lot (department)
Parking Lot (Disneyland)
Parking Lot Attendants
Parkins, Jean
Parks, Alvin
Parks, Jerry
Parkyn, Bill
Parmalee, George
Parmelee, Rebecca
Parmental, Lucille
Parrish, Raymond
Passarella, Jeanne
Passenger Train
Pasztor, Laslo
Patrick, Diane
Patrick, Dorothy
Patterson, Don
Patterson, Eleanor
Patterson, Mel
Patterson, Pat
Patterson, R.
Patterson, Richard
Patterson, Sue
Patton, James
Paulk, Rachel
Paustell, Donald
Pavilion (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Pavillion (Main Street, U.S.A.)
pay checks
Payne, Jack
Payne, John
Payne, Pearl
Payroll (department)
Payroll Department
Paz, Jesus
Paz, Jesus M.
PBX Operators
Peacock, James
Peacock, James B.
Peacock, Jim
Peacock, Marion
Pearcy, Woodrow
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, Elmer
Pearson, Vern
Peart, George
Pease, Paul
Pedersen, I. B.
Pen Shop
Pendleton (company)
Pendleton (store)
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Pendleton Woolen Mills (store)
Pendlick, Dean
Penfield, Bob
Penfield, Don
Penfield, Donald
Penfield, Ethel
Penfield, Robert
Penfield, Robert D.
Pennington, Harvey
Pennington, Robert (Maxwell House)
Pennlick, Dean
Penny Arcade (attraction)
Pennyfield, Robert
Penuck, Dean
Pepsi (beverage)
Pepsi Cola (beverage)
Pepsi Cola (company)
Pepsi Cola Golden Horseshoe
Pepsi Cola's Golden Horseshoe Revue
Pepsi-Cola (beverage)
Pepsi-Cola Company
Peregrin, Steve
Perez, C. Diana
Perkins, Jeanne
Perkovitch, S.
Perkovitch, Steve
Perkovitch, Steve 'Perk'
permanent employees
permanent-status employees
Permeter, Carole
Perry, Chuck
Perryman, Jackie
Personnel Bldg.
Personnel Building
Personnel Department
Personnel Dept.
Personnel Office (department)
Personnel Office (location) (West Service Area)
Peter Pan (attraction) (1955-1982)
Peters, Carl
Peters, Max
Peterson, Howard
Peterson, Ted
Petroff, Pete
Pewitt, Edythe
Pfannenstiel, Frank
Phaff, Eileen
Phelps, Orvile
Phelps, Orville
Phillips, Earl
Phillips, Earle
Phillips, Evelyn
Phillips, Mel
Phillips, Warren
Photo Gallery (store)
Photo Lab (department)
Photo Vantage Point
Piccolo Teatro Di Milano Italian Dancers
Pickard, Bob
Pickels, Hal
Pickering, Mike
Pickett, Carolyn
Pickle, Jerry
Picnic Area (East Main Entrance)
Piel, Norm
Pignotti, Roberto
Pilkenton, Art
Pilkenton, Arthur
Pilkenton, C.
Pilkenton, Clarence
Pimentel, Gilbert
Pinger, Mary
Pinkham, Alfred J.
Pinocchio (film)
Pirate Ship (Fantasyland)
Pirate Trio
Pirates' Cove
Pirate's Hideout
Pitcl, Brenda
Pittser, Frank P.
Pitzer, Frank
Plant, Tom
Plantation House
Plantation House, The
Plaster Shop (department)
Plaster Shop (location)
Plaza (Hub)
Plaza (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Plaza Apartments (service)
Plaza Gardens
Plaza, The (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Plettinck, Anthony
Plettinck, Jack
Plumbing (department)
Plumbing Shop (department)
Plummer, Jean V.
Poddikin, Norm
Poe, Arlene
Poemeceah, Al
Poemeceah, Elmer
Poemoceah, A.
Poemoceah, Alfred
Poemoceah, Elmer
Poemoceah, M.
Poemoceah, Merlene
Poffenbarger, E.
Poffenbarger, Eloise
Polar Ice Cap
Polk, M.
Polk, M. L.
Polka Nite
Pomaceah, Al
Ponichea, Al
Ponichea, Hal
Pontoon Bridge
Pony Farm
Poolside Room
popcorn stands
popcorn wagons
Pope, Dolly
Pope, Owen
Poppa, Daniel H.
Portillo, Chris
Portillo, Lois
Portzer, Donna
Post, Hank
Potekin, Norm
Powell, John R.
Power, John King
PR Division
Prentice, Robert
President Sukarno of Indonesia
Press Opening
Press Premiere
Price, Charles
Priday, Jerry
Princess Sophia of Greece
Pringle, Audy
Professor Ludwig von Drake (character)
Promotion (department)
Props and Dressing (department)
Props and Dressing Department
Props and Dressing Dept.
Props and Dressings Department
Pruitt, Edith
Public Relations
Public Relations Department
Public Relations Division
Publicity (department)
Publicity Department
Pucket, Bill
Puff, Kenneth
Puffin Bakery
Puffins Bakery
Purcell, Carolyn
Purchasing (department)
Purchasing Department
Purdy, Bonnie
Quaglia, Veromondo
Quaker Oats Company
Quatemaelan Weavers
queue lines
Quick, Ralph
Quigley, James
Quigley, James J.
Quigley, Jim
R.R. Machine Shop
Radcliff, Chuck
Rae, Ed
Rae, Sally
Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island
Ragin, Dolores
Railroad Station (Main Street, U.S.A.)
Railson, Bob
Railson, Robert
Rainbow Caverns
Rainbow Desert
Rainbow Ridge Mining Town
Rainey, Milo
Ralke Co.
Ralke Company
Ralke Shop
Ramirez, Mary
Ramos, Henry
Ransdell, Dennis
Rasmussen, Bill
Rassmussen, Bill
Rauch, Dale
Ravenscroft, Tom
Ray, Jerry
Ray, Sally
Reader, Jackie
Reagan, Ronald
Ream, Robert
Reber, Robert T.
Recreation Club
Red Wagon (company)
Red Wagon (location)
Red Wagon Co.
Red Wagon Co., The
Red Wagon Company
Red Wagon Inn
Red Wagon Restaurant
Red Wagoneers
Reddehose, Jack
Redmond, Jerrold
Redondo High School Madrigal Singers
Reed, Beverlee
Reed, Susan
Reeder, Agnes
Rees, Stanton
Reeves, Jo
Reeves, La Honda
Refreshment Corner
refreshment stands
Regan, Thomas
Rehfield, Carol
Reich, Herb
Reich, Marge
Reilly, Bob
Reilly, Jack
Reilly, John
Reilly, Robert
Reilly, Robert K.
Reilly, Vin (Operations)
Reimer, Velda
Reinsvold, John
Reisch, Marge
Reish, Marge
Relteg, Virginia
Remington, Jack
Rendich, Nicholas
Rendich, Nick
Rendick, Nick
Resenthal, Marvin
rest rooms
Restivo, Sal
Restivo, Salvatore
retail lessees
Retreat Ceremony
Reyes, Consuelo R.
Reyes, Estebon
Reynolds, A.
Reynolds, Debbie (performer)
Reynolds, Frank
Reynolds, Frank R.
Reynolds, Jerry
Reynolds, Roger
Reynolds, V.
Reynolds, Vera
Reynolds, Vern
Reynolds, Vernetta
Rhodes, Edwin
Rice, Carolyn R.
Rice, Dale
Rice, Robert S.
Rich, Ann
Richard, Marge
Richards, John
Richardson, Archard
Richardson, Bob
Richardson, Dave
Richardson, Judy
Richfield Autopia
Richfield Autopia (Fantasyland)
Richfield Autopia (Tomorrowland)
Richfield Oil Company
Richfield Show
Richfield Theater
Richmire, Ann
Ride Operators
ride tickets
rides and amusements
rides and attractions
Rigdon, Cicely
Rigdon, Shirley
Riley, Cindy (1960s)
Riley, Helen
Rinke, Awlueen
Ripley, E. P.
Ristedt, Barbara
Ritter, Carl
Ritter, Lester
Ritter, Phyllis
Rittman, Don
River Band Stand
Rivers of America
Roarty, Officer
Roarty, Ray
Roarty, Raymond J.
Robbins, Burr
Robbins, Flemon
Robbins, Flemon A.
Robbins, Robbie
Roberson, Rob
Roberson, Robbie
Roberson, Robby
Roberson, Ronny
Roberson, W. G.
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Dorothy
Roberts, Joni
Roberts, Patricia
Roberts, Walt
Roberts, Walter
Robertson, Rob
Robinson, K.
Robinson, Kathy
Robinson, Tom
Robira, Wally
Rochelle, Donna
rock work
Rocket to the Moon
Rocket to the Moon Stewardesses
Rocket Trip to the Moon
Rodgers, Richard
Rodriguez, Alice
Rodriquez, Alice
Rodriquez, R. J. (Rod)
Roe, Richard
Rogers, Carl
Rogers, John (Foods)
Rogo, Howard
Rogo, Kathryn
Rohrig, Marie
Rolando, Lewis
Romene, Roberta
Romeo, Frank J.
Romero, Chuck
Romeyn, Jeanette
Ron Dominguez House
Rooney, Debbie
Root Beer Garden
Root, Charlie
Roper, Sandra
Roppa, Rose
Roppa, Thomas
Roppa, Tom
Rose, William
Rosema, P. J.
Rosema, Pete
Rosen, Max
Ross, Dean
Ross, Tom
Rossignol, Dave
Rouch, Jack
Round House (1955-1960s)
Roundhouse (1955-1960s)
Rountree, Nick
Royaltone Photo
Royer, Ben
Rubio, Arnaldo
Ruddy, Robert
Ruggles & Lee
Ruggles (lessee)
Ruggles (store)
Ruggles and Lee
Ruggles China & Gift Shop
Ruggles China & Glass (store)
Ruggles China (store)
Ruggles China and Glass House
Ruggles China Shop
Ruggles Gift Shop
Ruiz, Trinidad
Ruiz, Trinidad Garcia
Rule, Elton
Russell & Son Plumbers
Russell, George
Ruth, Henry
Ruth, Wallace
Ryan, Judy
Ryman, Herb
Safety (department)
Safety Committee
Safety Department
Sailing Ship Columbia
Salamone, Rosalie
Salcedo, Jesus
Salcido, John
Salcido, John M.
Sales Clerks
Salisbury, Anne
Salisbury, Danny
Salisbury, Diane
Salisbury, Dianne
Saludos Amigos (film)
San, Laity
San, Martin
Sands, Tommy
Santa Ana Freeway
Santa Fe & D/L RR
Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R.
Santa Fe & Disneyland R.R. Station
Santa Fe and Disneyland
Santa Fe and Disneyland Excursion Train
Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad
Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad Station
Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad Trains
Santa Fe and Disneyland Railway
Santa Fe and Disneyland Station
Santa Fe and Disneyland Trains
Santa Fe and Disneyland Viewliner
Santa Fe Diorama, The
Santa Fe Disneyland Railroad
Santa Fe R. R.
Santa Fe Railroad
Santa Fe Railway
Sapara, Nicholas
Sapp, Bob
Sargent, Cora
Sargent, Cora Lee
Sargent, Cora/Lee
Satellite View of America
Satterla, Mary Lynn
Saucedo, Pedro
Saunders, Lou
Saunders, Louis
Saxaphone Four
Sayer, Jack
Sayers, Jack
Scaglione, Mary
Schaal, Don
Schaat, Don
Schag, Ernest
Schag, Ernie
Schau, Karen
Scheid, Tommy
Schied, Tommy
Schimsky, Isidore
Schimsky, Ski
Schipper, Ben
Schlaak, Wesley
Schlichenmayer, Lorraine
Schlichenmeyer, Lorraine
Schlomer, Mary L.
Schluerer, Curt
Schmidt, John A.
Schmidt, Johnny
Schmidt, Lee
Schmitt, Frank
Schmitt, Patricia
'Schnickle-Fritz' Polka Band
Scholes, E.
Scholes, E. L.
Scholes, Earl
Scholes, Lt.
Scholtz, Robert
Schrecengost, Jack
Schreck, Mrs. Noldi
Schreck, Noldi
Schreiner, Earl
Schrencengost, Jack
Schroeder, Ernst
Schrott, Robert
Schubert, G.
Schubert, George
Schueller, Ronnie
Schuller, Iris
Schuller, Robert
Schultz, Jack
Schultz, William
Schumacher, Bill
Schumacher, Fred
Schupbach, Al
Schuster, Jerome
Schuster, Jerry
Schwacha, Charlie
Schwarm, Robert
Schwartz, Ray
Schwartz, Raymond
Schwenn, Bill
Schwenn, William
Schwinn, Bill
Scoby, Richard
Scott, Bonnie
Scott, Hazel
Scott, Joan
Scott, Madeline (Lynn)
Sechler, Day
Sechler, Marion
Second Annual 'Dixieland at Disneyland'
Security (department)
Security and Communications
Security and Communications Dept.
Security Department
Security Department headquarters
Security Force
security guards
Security Officers
Security Police Force
Sedan, Billie
Sedan, Dan
Sedan, Don F.
Seidenspinner, B.
Sellmeyer, Edward
Senior Autopia
Sens, Kathryn
Sentance, Charles
Sentance, Chuck
Sepulveda, Onofre
Serfas, Carol
Sergent, Cora Lee
Service Garage (department)
service pins
Service Road (Schumacher Road)
Session, Robert
Seventh Summer
Sewell, Bob
Sewell, Officer
Sewell, Sherman
Shafer, Sue
Shafer, Susanna
Shafer, Suzanna
Shaker, Mike
Shanley, Lucille
Shannon, Paul
Shea, Danny
Shearer, Samuel
Sheet Metal Shop (department)
Sheldon, Gene
Shellington, E.
Shellington, Elberta
Shelton, Earl
Shemkus, Ann
Shemkus, Anna E.
Shepard, J. J.
Sheppard, Captain
Sheppard, J. J.
Sheppard, Jack
Sheriff John
Sheriff Lucky
Sherman, Gary
Sherman, Sophia
Sherman, Sophie
Sherry, Russell
Sherwood, Douglas
Sherwood, Jeannie
Shields, Daniel A.
Shiffler, Betty
Shiffler, Robert
Shifler, Betty Jo
Shipper, Ben
Shoe Shine Boys
shooting galleries
shops and exhibits
Shore, John
Short, George
shows (entertainment)
Shultz, Jack
Shultz, Thomas A.
Shumaker, Georgia
Shupe, Nolan
Siciliano, Michael
Siciliano, Mike
Sigal, Juan
Sign Shop (department)
Siino, David
Silhouette Shop
Silhouette Studio
Silver Banjo
Silver Banjo, The
Silverwood, E.
Silverwood, Ed
Silverwood, Sandy
Silvestri, Carmine
Simpson, Diane
Simpson, Sandra Jean
Sims, Vera
Sinatra, Frank
Sins, Dee
Siorda, Stella
Siordia, Stella
Sipes, John
Sipes, John T.
'Site, The'
Sitorious, Barbara
Siverson, Harvey
Sixth Annual Old Fashioned Easter Parade
Skelly, Judy
Skelton, Fletcher
Skelton, Tom
Skiles & Henderson Disneyland Doodlers with Roberta Shore
Skiles and Henderson
Skiles, Bill
Skinner, Ray
Skinner, Raymond
Sklar, Martin A.
Sklar, Marty
Skodacek, M.
Skodacek, Margaret
Skull Rock
Sky Ride
Sky Way
Skyway (grouping)
skyway buckets
Skyway, The
Slaton, Harold
Slaton, Lonnie
Sleeping Beauty (film)
Sleeping Beauty Castle
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Sloan, Julie
Sloop, Bernice
Sluefoot Sue's Golden Horseshoe
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Bernard
Smith, Bernard G.
Smith, Beverly
Smith, Cleo B.
Smith, Cloyd
Smith, Don
Smith, Doug
Smith, E. Kelly
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank (Tomorrowland Operations)
Smith, Frank E.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Glenn
Smith, Gordon (Operations)
Smith, Harold
Smith, Harry
Smith, Jack
Smith, Jay
Smith, Jean
Smith, Kelly (Purchasing)
Smith, Larry
Smith, Laurie
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Lou
Smith, Lu
Smith, Orville
Smith, Paul
Smith, Redonda
Smith, Robert
Smith, Robert (5-Year)
Smith, Roy
Smith, Sir Oliver
Smith, Vi
Smith, Violet
Smuggler's Cove
Snake Pit
Snapp, Bobbie Ann
Snavely, Don
Snow White (attraction) (1955-1982)
Snow White (character)
Snow White (walk-around character)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (film)
Snow White Grotto
Snow White Wishing Well
Snowden, George
Snyder, Betty
Snyder, Bob
Snyder, Michael
Sohmer, Brenda
Somerindyke, George
Sorenson, Joan
Sottile, Barbara
Sound & Projection (department)
Sound & Projection Dept.
Sound and Projection
Sound and Projection Department
Sound Department (Disneyland)
Sound Dept.
Sounds of America (television)
Sounds of America, The (television)
Souvenir Sales
souvenir stands
Sowa, Steve
Sowder, Dearld
Sowder, Rick
Space Bar (1955-1966)
Space Girl
Space Man
Space Men
Space Station X-1
Spaeth, Diana
Spangler, Gloria
Spargur, Jan
Sparks, Cecil
Sparks, Noble
Speaks, Gayle
Spears, Pat
special events
Special Events (department)
Special Events Dept.
Special Gala New Year's Eve Party (1960)
Spence, Fred
Spence, Richard
Spence, Scotty Wm.
Spencer, Kenneth W.
Spencer, Nate
Spencer, W.
Spencer, W. N.
Spiak, Andrew
Spiak, Andy
Spires, Maxine
Sprague, Lois
Spring Tonics
Spring Tonics (1961)
Spring Tonics of 1957
Spring Tonics of 1958
Spring Tonics of 1960
Spring Tonics of 1961
Squaires, Bobbi
Squaires, Bobbie
Square Dance Convention
Squaw & Leather Shops
Squaw and Leather Shop
Squaw Shop
Squaw Valley, California
'Squid Row'
Sr. Autopia
St. Cyr, Johnny
St. George, Pat
St. Hill, Ken
St. Hill, Kenneth
St. John, Chuck
St. Patrick's Dance
Stabile, Arthur
Stabile, Frank
Stabile, Joanne
Stacey, Terry
Stacey, Terry Lee
Staff Shop (department)
Staff Shop (location) (East Service Area)
Stallcup, Thomas
Starbuck, Alice
Starlite Ticket Book
Steamboat Willie (film)
Steer, Alvin M.
Steeves, L. W.
Stein, Ivy
Stelnicki, Eddie
Stephen's Roofing Company
Stephens, Lloyd
Stephens, Lloyd D.
Stephens-Adamson Mfg. Co.
Stephens-Adamson 'Speedramp'
Sterrett, F. Lyle
Stevens, Ann
Stevens, Bob
Stevens, Doris
Stevens, Dorothy
Stevens, Dorris
Stevens, Leroy
Stevens, Lloyd
Stevens, Robert
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Officer
Steves, LeRoy
Steward, David
Steward, Jim
Steward, Vi
Stewart, Bill (1950s)
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Carol
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Charlie
Stewart, Chickie
Stewart, Dorothy
Stewart, Doug
Stewart, Douglas
Stewart, Jimmy
Stewart, Milton
Stewart, Robert
Stichtman, D.
Stichtman, Donna
Stiller, Vince
Stine, Carol
Stirtz, Barbara
Stitchman, Donna
Stock, Ernest
Stock, Ozzie
Stockdale, Maurice
Stockman, Bill
Stockman, William
Stocks, Dolly
stores and shops
Story Book Land (attraction)
story meetings
Storybook boats (attraction)
Storybook Land (attraction)
Storybook Land Hostesses
Storybook Land Skipperettes
Storybookland (attraction)
Stotler, Frank
Stovall, Dick
Stovall, Richard
Strathman, Della
Strathmann, Della
Stratton, Della
Straw Hatters
stream trains
Street, Golvin
Streets of Paris
Strong, Dorothy
Strong, Will
Stroud, Mona
Strubel, Martin
Submarine Lagoon
Submarine Lake
Submarine Ride
Submarine Voyage
Submarines (attraction)
Sulkowski, John
Sullens, James
Sullivan, Bill (Cast Member)
Sullivan, Bill (Sully)
Sullivan, Bill 'Sully'
Sullivan, Carol
Sullivan, Ed
Sullivan, Eddie
Sullivan, Jackie
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, William E.
summer season
Summer Season Pass
Sunkist Citrus House
Sunkist Growers
Sunny View (store)
Sunny View Farms
Sunnyview Farms (store)
Sunrise (Indian)
Suspension Bridge
Sutphin, Dorothy
Swain, Fred T.
Swank, Wayne
Swank, Wayne E.
Swanson, Laura
Swartz, Ray
Sweet, Charlene
Sweghiemer, Frank
Sweningson, A.
Swenson, Dick
Swenson, Maynard
Swenson, Maynard E.
Swenson, Pat
Swift & Co.
Swift & Company
Swift and Co.
Swift and Company
Swift Market
Swift's Market House
Swindell, Eula L.
Swisher, Al
Swisher, Alan
Swiss Family Robinson (film)
Swiss Family Robinson, The (film)
Swiss Musician
Swiss Yodeler
Swoboda, Frances
Symphonic Carillon
Szabo, Joe N.
Taber, Carmen
Tachauer, Ed
Tachauer, Edwin D.
Taffari, Asfaw Wossen
Takada, Andrew
Takada, Andrew I.
Takesian, Sarkis
Talbott, Bee
Talent (department)
Tandy Leather Company
Tandy Leather Shop
Tandy Shop
Tapscott, Mark
Tatum, Bill
Tatum, Donn
Taylor, Betty
Taylor, Bud (Magic Shop)
Taylor, Cleone
Taylor, Della
Taylor, Jack (Cast Member)
Taylor, James
Taylor, Lee
Taylor, Mace
Taylor, Marge
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Merv
T-Cups, The
Tea Cup ride (1955-1982)
Tea Cups (attraction) (1955-1982)
Tedder, Lady
Tedder, Lord
Teddy Buckner and His Dixieland Band
Teeter, Bud
Teeter, Dave
Teetering Rock
Temple, Lee
Templeton, Cleaon
Templeton, Cleon
ten millionth guest
Tenney, James B.
Tepper, Penny
Terando, Herman
Teter, Bud
Teter, Mason
Texas A & M Band
Thacker, Vi
Thacker, Violet
Thames, Ed
Thames, James
Thames, Jim
Thill, George J.
Third Anniversary
Third Man on the Mountain (film)
Thomas, Charles Allen
Thomas, Danny
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, Gary
Thomas, George (Operations)
Thomas, Lillian
Thomas, Lou
Thomas, Louis E.
Thomas, Orvis
Thomas, Silvester
Thomas, Tommy
Thomas, Virgil
Thomas, Wes
Thomasson, Jack
Thompson, Al (1950s)
Thompson, Alex B.
Thompson, Charlie
Thompson, G.
Thompson, Harrison
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Ross
Thompson, V. R.
Thomson, Mike
Thornton, Charles
Thornton, Chuck
Thorton, Chuck
Three Caballeros, The (film)
Three Little Pigs (walk-around characters)
Three Stooges, The
Thum, Muriel ('Bobbie')
Thyme, Mary Jan
Thyne, Mary K.
ticket books
Ticket Control
Ticket Sales
Ticket Sellers
Ticket Takers
Tiedy, John
Tiedy, Owen
Tierney, Gerry
Tierney, Jerry
Tignanelli, Eugene
Tiki's Tropical Traders
Tilley, Nancy
Time Clock Building
Timex (company)
Timex (store)
Timex Corporation
Timex Shop
Timex Shop, The
Timex Watch and Clock Shop
Timex World Clock
Tinker Bell (fireworks fly-around character)
Tinkerbell Toy Shop
Tiradeau, Sally
Tirre, Werner
Tirre, Werner E.
Tobin, Chas. W., Jr.
Tocher, Jeannie
Todd Shipyards
Tom & Ernie Richfield
Tom Sawyer (walk-around character)
Tom Sawyer Island
Tom Sawyer ticket sellers
Tom Sawyer's Fishing Dock
Tom Sawyer's Island
Tom Sawyer's Security Calvary Sgt.
Tomorrowland Art Corner
Tomorrowland Entrance (1955-1966)
Tomorrowland Hobby stand
Tomorrowland Lake
Tomorrowland Souvenir Stand
Tomorrowland Station
Tomsen, Steve
Tomter, Patrick
Toon, Dennis
Tour Guides
Toure, Sekou
Tourist Trends
Tovar, Bob
Towers, Shirley
Town Band
Town Crier Broadcasts
Town Sq.
Town Square
Town Square flag pole
Townsend, Lorene
Townsend, Timothy
Tracy, Ted
Traczek, Carol
Trading Post
Traffic (department)
Traffic Dept.
Trans World Airlines
Trapp, Erhard
Traskos, Edward
Travis, Nancy
Travison, Don
Trebistion, Don
Tree House (Tom Sawyer Island)
Tremble, Yvonne
Trice, Marlene E.
Trip to the Moon
Trivison, Dom
Trivison, Dominic
Trivison, Dominick
Trivison, Don
Troxel, Jerry
True Life Adventure (film)
True, Terry
True-Life Adventure (attraction)
True-Life Adventure (film)
True-Life Adventures (film)
Truelove, Buster
Trujillo, Pat
Truman, Harry S.
Trumble, Yvonne
Trumbo, Ann
Trumbo, Ron
Tryon, Dick
Tryon, Larry
Tryon, Tom
Tucci, Ray
Tucker, Charles
Tucker, Charlie
Tupper, Helen
Turk, Lawson
Turk, Lawson L.
Turner, Dick
Tuz, Walt
Tuz, Walter W.
TV Premiere
TWA (attraction)
TWA (company)
TWA Rocket (attraction)
TWA Rocket Ship, The
TWA's Rocket to the moon
Tyrtten, Ben
U. P. T. Concessions
U. S. Time Corp.
U.P.T. Concessions
U.S. Time Corp.
Ulrey, Thelma
Underwood, Judy
United Fund Drive (1961)
United Paramount Theatres
University of Redlands Concert Band
Updyke, Lou
Upjohn Co.
Upjohn Company
Upjohn Company, The
Upjohn Pharmacy
UPT #2
UPT Concessions
UPT Stand (Main Street Station)
Urban, Bob
Vacationland (magazine)
Vacationland Magazine
Vaden, Ralph
Vail, Al
Vail, Albert
Valen, Milton
Valencia, Benjamin
Valentine Dance (1957)
Valentine, Joan
Valentine's Day
Van Alcorn, Bill
Van Camp Sea Foods
Van Camp, Gilbert, Sr.
Van De Walker, Lois
Van De Walker, Merle
Van De Walker, Ralph
Van De Walker, Ray
Van De Walker, W.
Van De Walker, Wayne
Van De Warker, L.
Van De Warker, Lois
Van De Warker, R.
Van De Warker, Ray
Van Den Brink, George
Van Den Hauvel, Charles
Van Den Hauvel, Chuck
Van Den Walker, Ralph
Van Der Hauvel, Chuck
Van Driessche, L. R.
Van Dyke, Jerold
Van Dyke, Jerry
Van Lue, John, Jr.
Van Thiyne, Mary
Van Thyme, Mary
Vanasek, Richard
Vance, Gwen
Vanderbeck, E.
Vandewalker, Ray
Vandewalker, Roy
Vanthine, Mary
Vanthyme, Mary
Variety Clubs International
Vasgird, Adam
Vasquez, Francisco
Vaughn, Judy
Vaught, Charles
Vaya Con Dios Dance (1958)
Vaya Con Dios Dance (1960)
Veach, Kenneth
vehicles (ride)
Vercuski, John C.
Vickroy, Marie
View Liner
VIII Olympic Winter Games
VIII Winter Olympic Games
Villanueva, Miguel
Vilmer, Earl
Vineyard, Howie
Virginia, Tony
Visel, Dave
Vivian, Russell
Voda, Leigh
Voda, Rosalie
Vogel, Mrs. Joseph
Vogt, Catherine
von Braun, Wernher
Vong, Betty
Vozar, John
Vuksanovich, V.
Vuksanovich, Vi
Vuksanovich, Viola
W. Center
W. Plaza
Wade, Roy
Wadsworth, Leo
Wager, Bertha
Wagman, Leo
Wagner, Albert
Wagner, Emil
Wagner, Shirley
Wagoner, Henry
Waite, John
Walker, Ann
Walker, Bert
Walker, Card
Walker, Cliff
Walker, Clifford
Walker, Clifford B.
Walker, Frank
Walker, Thomas
Walker, Tommy
Walker, Vesey
Wall, Dixie
Wallace, Hal
Wallace, Jim
Wallace, Kay
Wallace, Lavina
Wallace, Oliver
Wallace, Raymond E.
Wallis, Milton
Walnut St.
Walsh, Bill (Walt Disney Studios)
Walsh, John
Walt Disney Presents (television)
Walt Disney Productions
Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (television)
Waltah Clarke (lessee)
Walton, Alice
Wampler, Judy
Wandewalker, Ray
Warbonnet, Rose
Ward, Jeri
Ward, Jerry
Ward, Roger Albert
Ward, Ronnie
Wardrobe (department)
Wardrobe (location)
Wardrobe (location) (Cash Management Building)
Wardrobe Building (1950s)
Wardrobe Department
Warehouse (department)
Warehouse (location) (1955-?)
Warehouse Dept.
Waricka, Peggi
Waricka, Pegi
Warner, Kay
Warnes, Jeri
Warren, Earl
Warren, Lucy
Warrick, Frank
Warrick, James
Warrick, Robert
Wash, Bob
Washington, Roy
Washo, B.
Washo, Bill
Washo, Bud
Washo, Robert J.
Washo, Will
Wasserman, H.
Wasserman, Harry
waste cans
watches (merchandise)
water ways
Water Wheel
Waters, Connie
Waters, Connie Lou
Waters, Linda
Waters, Perry
Watkins, Bert
Watkins, Bertha
Watkins, Bette
Watkins, Bill (Attractions)
Watkins, Glen
Watson, Bette
Watson, Betty
Watson, Jack
Watson, Joyce
Watson, Val
Watts, Dorothy
Wavell, Cliff
Wax Museum
Waynes for Flowers
Weaver, Judy
Weaver, Luther
Webb, Carl
Webb, Dave
Weber, Carol
Weber, Ed
Webster, Ray
WED Designers
WED Enterprises
WED Enterprises, Inc.
'WED' Enterprises, Inc.
WED, Enterprises
WED, Inc.
Weems, Warren
Wegner, Shirlie
Wehrli, Don
Wehrli, Don E.
Weiss, Gordon
Welch, Gwen
Weld. Shop (department)
Welding (department)
Welding Shop (department)
Wells, Louis
Welsh, Gwen
Welsh, Gwenn
Welty, John
Weltz, James
Wen Mac Flight Circle
Wendt, Ernst
Wen-Mac Corporation
Wen-Mac Flight Circle
Wentz, Harold
Wentzell, Gary
Werder, Fred
Wernquist, Chester
West Gate
West St.
West Street
West Street Gate
West Street Service Area
Westergard, Bill
Westergard, W.
Westering, Mryt
Westering, Myrt
Western Days
Western Nights (1961)
Westmyer, Shirley
Wetzbarger, M.
Wetzbarger, Merle
Wetzbarger, Mryle
Whaley, Charles
Wheeldon, Norma
Wheeler, Jim
Whelan, Charles T.
Whelan, Chuck
White House
White Pine High School Band
White, Agnes
White, Barbara
White, Frank
White, Hubert
White, Jerry
White, Jim (1960s)
White, Larry
White, Martha
White, Mike (1950s)
White, Sharon
Whiteacre, Beverly
Whitney, Fred K.
Whitney, George
Whitney, George K., Jr.
Whitney, George, Jr.
Whitney, John
Whitney, Lenora
Whitsett, Jim
Whitsitt, James
Whittington, Jack
Wholesale Sales
Wild, Verena
Wilderness Trail (Tom Sawyer Island)
Wildman, Eve
Wiley, Nancy
Wilhelm, Eva
Wilhelm, Eve
Wilke, Dave
Wilkerson, Bill
Wilkie, Dave
Williams, Bill (Maintenance)
Williams, Bill (Warehouse)
Williams, Boby
Williams, Dick
Williams, George
Williams, Guy
Williams, Jack
Williams, Jan
Williams, Judith
Williams, Ken
Williams, Kenneth (Disneyland)
Williams, Kenny
Williams, Lois
Williams, Roy
Williams, Saville L.
Williamson, John E.
Williamson, W.
Willis, Bernie
Willis, David
Willoughby, John
Wilson, Amos
Wilson, Darrell
Wilson, Elaine
Wilson, Ernest
Wilson, Gordon
Wilson, Jo Anne
Wilson, Judi
Wilson, Judy
Wilson, Julie
Wilson, Meredith
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Rose
Wimer, Richard
Winberg, Shirley
Windh, Perry
Wing, Anna Mae
Winger, Ed
Winger, Edward
Winn, Mel
Winn, Roseann
Winslow, Dick
Winslow, Mack
Winston Gate
Winston Rd.
Winston Road
Winston Road Nursery
winter season
Winterberg, C.
Wirt, Jody
Wirt, Marjorie
Wise, John
Wist, Jerry
Wist, Walt
Witham, Reginald
Wolczak, Officer
Wolczak, Vic
Wolczak, Victor
Wolczak, Victor J.
Wolfe, Karen
Wolfe, Robert
Wollis, Milt
Wolzak, Vic
Wonderland Music Store (1960-1973)
Wong, Betty
Wong, Bill
Wong, Joe
Wood, Betty
Wood, Billy
Wood, Emmett
Woodard, Blanche
Woodard, James
Woodie, Dick
Woodman, Beth
Woodrome, Linda
Woods, Barrie
Woods, Barry
Woods, Jim
Woodsworth, Alice
Woodsworth, Hugh
Woodward, James
Woodworth, Truman
Woodworth, Truman 'Woody'
Woody, Betty
Woody, Dick
Woody, Dick Dean
Woolfenden, Leigh
Work, Keith
World Beneath Us, The
Wormhoudt, Mary
Wormhoudt, Mary M.
Worthington, Bob
Worthington, R.
Wrather, Jack
Wray, John H.
Wray, Sally
Wright, Ed
Wright, Hassie
Wright, Loyd, Sr.
Wright, Lt.
Wright, Wilber
Wright, Wilbur
Wrigley, Dorothy
Wuestneck, Earl
Wurlitzer (company)
Wurlitzer (location)
Wurlitzer Company
Wyatt, Wayne
Wyland, Charles
Wylie, Frank
Wynn, Mel
Yacht Bar
Yale & Towne (company)
Yale & Towne (store)
Yale and Towne (location)
Yale Lock
Yamamoto, Fujiko
Yarber, J.
Yarber, John
Yardley, Howard
Yates, Everett
Yates, James
Yeager, Bob
year pins
Yee, Al
Yee, Albert Y. H.
Yerian, Jerry
Yohan, Michael
Yotter, William
Young Men from New Orleans
Young Men from New Orleans, The
Young, Dave
Young, Dolly
Young, Doug
Young, Ed
Young, Edwin L.
Young, Gilbert
Young, Jane
Young, John M. Jack
Young, Marge
Young, Margie
Young, Roy
Youth Activities
Youth Groups (department)
Zahl House
Zambesi Miss
Zebrowski, Lesta
Ziemke, Al
Zimmerman, Pat
Zoller Richfield
Zoller's Richfield
Zorich, Steven
Zorro (television)
Zueger, Mildred


Ben Myers said...

Here's another bio for an important early Disneyland cast member for your thesaurus.

Charles Eugene "Tim" Hahne

Served in the United States Navy for 23 years, was a shipmate with Card Walker. Came to Disneyland in 1958 after being discharged from the Navy. Worked at from 1958-1968, worked as Supervisor of Holidayland and Main Street USA, as a Safety Engineer, and finally as Security Manager. Was asked by Roy and Walt Disney to accompany them on the top-secret plane ride to survey of the lands purchased for the Florida Project. Was to be the first Security Supervisor of the new Walt Disney World park, but suffered a massive stroke in 1968 and was unable to take the role. His Disneyland metal badge number from 1958-1962 was #5297.

Jason Schultz said...

Thanks for the additional info on Tim Hahne! This is what I previously had on him:

Disneylander (April 1958): Let's welcome a new Personnel Assistant this month. He is TIM HAHNE. Welcome aboard, Tim.

Disneylander (September 1958): First Aid -- TIM HAHNE is doing a good job in taking over MIKE ORRICK'S duties while Mike's away...Mike's doing fine -- misses everyone -- and wants to thank ALL of you for your many cards and letters.

Disneylander (February 1959): TIM HAHNE is continuing his fine job in Safety.

Disneylander (February 1960): The Ad Building has done its share in the development of stuffed heads, runny noses, and barking. So far it has caught up with JACK SAYERS, BUD COULSON, DOTTY HODGE (incidentally, PETE CLARK did a grand job of "minding the store" while the rest of the crew was down), DICK JOHNSON, JODY WIRT, WERNER TIRRE, TIM HAHNE, NANCY WILSON, and, let's hope no more of our group will become mere statistics.

Disneylander (May 1960): TIM HAHNE transferred from the Construction and Maintenance Division to the Operations Division as Supervisor of Holidayland.

Disneylander (July 1960): Holidayland Operations Supervisor.

Disneyland Telephone Directory (January 1963): 216 / Security.

No Slak said...

I was one of perhaps 20 people associated directly with the first visit to Mineral King after Walt's death.. ala 67 or 68. Myself, along with studio personnel Norm Nasetti and Ed Roppollo (spelling), along with my father, Carl Frith who took all of the pictures for a brochure advertising the Mineral King project. He went back in "around" 1971, and was snowed-in by an avalanche, along with several others, but managed to get out with the help of a helicopter. Disney's Mineral King project....... I remember it well. Mike Frith, son of Carl.

Tracy Ramirez said...

Elberta Shellington was my husband’s Great Aunt, and personal Secretary to Walt Disney. Do you have any personnel info about her or anything? We’d love to learn more about her!

Cyn said...

I'm doing research on Disneyland's early women and am having a hard time finding info on the following: Aylene/Alyene Lewis (Aunt Jemima), Dorothy Manes (public relations), Dolly Pope (Pony Farm), Dorothea Holt Redmond (interior designer New Orleans Square), and Renie Conley (costume designer). Can you point me to good articles, etc? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I recently acquired 15 year (1955-1970) anniversary trophy for employee, Ralph F Adams. It’s a wood bookend appearing with a 3 dimensional sleeping beauty castle. Can anyone tell me what Ralph Adams did at Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

I just met Jimmie Lou Aquino in person. Currently doing work for her. I googled her name after seeing everything and found this site. If I can help your efforts lmk. Her husband, George, has since passed. But she has a plethora of physical documents, information and of course stories to tell. She was first in person Minnie at parks

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