Wednesday, May 25, 2011

You Can't Go Home Again

No, I'm not feeling nostalgic for the Golden Gateway or Disney's California Adventure. On Saturday I brought back several boxes from storage and this photo happened to be in one of them. I understand that tonight Guest Relations Cast Members are taking their Cast photo in front of The Little Mermaid, so it seemed appropriate to post.

But a different event this afternoon left me a little dumbstruck. I recently (Monday) posted this photo on Facebook:

I took this photo of my broken D Pin on August 2, 2002 and like to caption it, "The day the magic died." These new D Pins were not as well-made as the previous Guide/Host pins and this seemed to be a frequent occurrence (but was the first time it had ever happened to me). I have been informed that broken Tink arms are not an uncommon occurrence at the present time. Anyway, I posted this on Monday. Today as I left work and had my day perk up a bit (for reasons beyond the end of the workday), I prepared to put the convertible top down. I looked in the back seat to be sure that I had no loose paper...and spied that very Tinker Bell arm. I was a bit speechless. I feel like I had seen it a few days ago and not known what it was; after all, it's just a lightweight gold cylinder. Until I found it this afternoon I was sure I had given it back with my broken pin. Although I haven't come to grips with the physical reality that would cause this to happen, it must have fallen out of one of the Saturday boxes. The alternative is that it has been rolling around in my car for the past nine years.

Even if it just found its way into my car on Saturday, I'm still flummoxed that I would feel compelled to post the vest photo only two days before I again found the wand. The last two weeks have been pretty amazing for me, so I feel as if it's a sign of some sort. I hope one of you can tell me what it means!


Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I have a Dland question for you--specifically on Main Street. On the right hand side of the street (facing the castle) there's a yellow metal stick-like stantion... It's the ONLY one there--all the other ones are horse heads. What is the significance of this?
Thanks in advance--if you know anyone or any place I may find the info I would greatly appreciate it.

TokyoMagic! said...

That is a strange story. Hopefully whatever it means, it's a sign of only positive things coming your way...either that or it's just one of life's weird coincidences.

I also have a question. Do the female tour guides still wear the riding hats today? I love those! And is that you in the back row, fourth from the right?

Jason Schultz said...

Nicole K/GothamGal - I'm not sure I know the answer to that. However, I just came across the following in the September 17, 1981 Disneyland Line:


"QUESTION: Why are the hitching posts on Main Street different from each other, and some do not fit the area?

"ANSWER: During the turn of the century, shop owners were responsible for purchasing and maintaining the hitching post in front of their shops. So, in order to keep in theme with Main Street U.S.A., we theme and paint hitching posts to match the individual shops.


Hope this helps!