Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Disney's California Adventure Pre-Opening

I don't have too many photos of Disney's California Adventure; it never seemed as photogenic to me, and there just wasn't much I felt I had to photograph.

However, I did make a special trip to the Park on January 31, 2001, just a little over a week before it opened to the public. As I recall, this was the final day of non-operation for the Park, and the second-to-last day it's been closed to Guests (September 11, 2001, being the other). I wasn't sure of the propriety of taking photos, so I don't have too many, and they're remarkably uninteresting. And, aside from a few trucks visible, who's to say these weren't taken on a regular attendance day at the Park??

So, while they're not quite like Stuff from the Park's pre-opening photos of Disneyland, they are... well, they are here!

Actually, I have a whole bunch of panoramas I stitched together from my frequent visits to the observation platform outside the DCA Preview Center. A future post!


Major Pepperidge said...

it would be interesting to wander a park just before it opened, especially if there was nobody else around! DCA has some visual elements that I like (Grizzly Peak and that huge waterfall, and even that giant orange peel), but it just doesn't feel like they were trying very hard.

Daveland said...

The best thing about the DCA construction is the Grand Californian; the one thing it appears that they didn't skimp on.

Anonymous said...

One of the few things that I like about DCA is the ability to walk around w/o crowds enjoying the music in the middle of the business day.