Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Do I Have This? (Part 1)

Introducing a new irregular (well, no more irregular than my posting "schedule") feature of the blog: As I am going through my boxes of many, many individual paper items I saved from my visits in the late 1990s, I sometimes come across items that are either (a) plain bizarre or (b) come as a complete surprise to me (hence, "Why do I have this?"). If you have a reasonable suspicion of how I have the item (perhaps you have it too?), you are welcome to help out with the facts. If you have no idea, you are welcome to provide your wildest speculation. I will provide as much information as I have.

The first entry is this Hercules postcard; I assume I got it in the summer of 1997:

Without the information on the back of the card, I would assume...well, I would assume I picked it up somewhere, and that would be the end of the matter. But there's also writing on the back:

While I was a frequent visitor to City Hall and the Opera House (and even then not until late in the summer of 1997), I never hung around the Bank. If I renewed my pass in person, it wouldn't have been until February 1998. I assume it's possible that a random Cast Member friend gave this to me, but why would "The Bank :)" be giving these out, anyway?


TokyoMagic! said...

That message on the back from "The Bank" is kind of bizarre. You'd think if the bank was giving out postcards, that they would maybe have Scrooge McDuck on them with a vault or a pile of money....or something along those lines.

Thanks for the Easter Parade info on VDT's post today!

eljonsmith said...

I have one of these!!!

In 1997, I was talking to some of the Cast Members in the Disney Gallery. I was 18, and from Salt Lake City. They seemed impressed, (or was it confused) that someone my age would be so into Disneyland living 600 miles away.

Beverly, who many of your readers will no doubt know, talked to my friends and me for about 45 minutes. As we were leaving, she handed us a couple of "free" cards to say thanks for coming up. One of which was the Hercules card seen above.

Love the site!